CPA Hot Topics 07/01/11 – Happy Fourth of July!

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As we approach mid year and the opening of the third quarter testing window for the CPA exam, I am sure that many of you would rather spend time with your family or friends on July 4th than study for the CPA exam. I know exactly how you feel. When I took the CPA exam, I had to schedule a section for early July to give myself time to study and complete another section in late August. It was not particularly fun to sit inside and study the entire day while my family and friends were at the beach, but it was well worth it to get the CPA exam behind me.

Before you look ahead to the rest of the year and your next scheduled section, take a few minutes to reflect upon the section(s) you have already completed. This is a vital step in improving your performance on future sections. Assess your time management: Did you stick to your budget and have enough time to go back to the questions you marked? Did you finish all of the questions in all of the Simulation tasks? Also consider your question-answering technique: Were you confident in your educated guesses? Did you read the directions for each Simulation tab thoroughly to make sure you understood the AICPA’s intent?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, be sure to review the CPA Review: A System for Success booklet before you sit for another section. Additionally, make sure that you have budgeted enough time in your study schedule to take the relevant Gleim Practice Exam. Answering questions under exam conditions while studying is essential to your success on exam day.

As you reflect, you may remember differences you noticed between the exam and Gleim. Keeping in mind the confidentiality and nondisclosure policy you agreed to before taking your exam, please share any observations on how we can improve any and every aspect of our CPA Review system. Your feedback regarding discrepancies, omissions, errors, etc. is essential to our ability to accurately represent the exam experience and help future candidates. Please let us know if you noticed anything amiss, from icons that looked different to the functionality of the tools in the multiple-choice and simulation testlets. And while you’re at it, drop us a line about how you’ve done so far this year. How many sections have you taken this year, and how did you do on them? We really care about you and your progress!

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