CPA Hot Topics – Tips for Your Exam Date

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The AICPA and Prometric claim that the last 10 days of each quarter are the busiest testing times for the CPA exam. If you are one of the numerous candidates scheduled to sit for a section in the next week and a half, good luck. You have been working hard and studying, so you should relax and do your best on the exam.

If, on the other hand, you are a candidate that does not have a section scheduled for August, but you have a section scheduled in the fourth quarter of this year, you should make sure you have your study schedule set by now. This is the time of your studies when you earn your passing grade, not the few days or couple of weeks immediately before you sit for the section. By studying a little bit each day in August and September, you will have an easier time passing a section in the fourth quarter of this year. So, if you have not yet contacted your Personal Counselor to set a study schedule, do so today, then keep yourself on that schedule.

One of the most underrated, but important, keys to successfully passing the CPA exam is wearing comfortable clothes during the exam. Contrary to what you might think, sweats, shorts, and jeans are very appropriate. Furthermore, it is vital that you wear layers according to your body temperature because you will not be allowed to remove any outerwear once you are in the testing room. Generally, wear what you wear when you are most comfortable studying. When I took the exam, I noticed test-takers who were wearing suits or other clothes that were impractical for a long, intensive exam like the CPA. I can only imagine that these candidates were distracted by their restrictive clothing. I remember leaving the Prometric Center at the same time as a woman who was wearing a suit, and she told me that she knew she would be taking the part again. I was glad that I had listened to Dr. Gleim’s advice and wore comfortable jeans and a t-shirt instead.

Another significant key to passing the CPA exam is keeping a positive mental attitude. If you are uncertain that you are answering a question correctly, do not let it fluster you. The Gleim method does not involve guessing about what will appear on the CPA exam. You have been prepared for any and all questions. If a question appears difficult to you, just think to yourself that it will be more difficult for other candidates. Always remain composed, and think positively!

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