CPA Lectures: How to Study with Them

Studying with CPA Lectures

Wouldn’t it be great if studying for the CPA Exam was as easy as watching TV?

With CPA lectures on video, it is.

There are many advantages to studying for the CPA Exam with video lectures, and they’re useful for various review circumstances. Learn why CPA lectures are a study essential and discover the best times to turn them on.

Benefits of Reviewing with CPA Lectures

While reading the book or taking some practice quizzes seems par for the course when preparing for a test like the CPA Exam, watching video lectures can feel a little less logical. Why are CPA lectures a good study resource? For the following reasons:

  1. Faster processing and extended retention of information

    It takes less time for our brains to respond to visuals than to any other learning material, so when you’re watching a video, your mind processes the information more quickly. Also, when you have a picture of the information in your mind, you remember it longer.

  2. Better illustrations and demonstrations

    For some people, understanding can remain elusive until they see a concept demonstrated. When a lecturer in a video explains an idea or process with realistic illustrations, the abstract becomes easier to understand. Sometimes, a visual analogy can clarify a concept better than anything else.

  3. A more engaging experience

    As 90% of the information our brain receives is visual, we often feel more involved in a video than in plain text. Furthermore, when a lecturer delves into a topic via video, they provide the context you need to help the topic stick in your mind. Hearing how the information applies in real-world scenarios enables you to connect with the info and envision its practical implications.

  4. Increased study convenience

    CPA lectures allow you to switch up your studies and get a new perspective on the exam content. There are several instances when relying on a video to review a concept might be just what you need to progress your review.

Times to Review with CPA Lectures

To really make the most of CPA lectures, you should watch them at the most opportune times. Scenarios in which you’d want to press play on video lectures include:

  1. When you want a more thorough explanation of a concept

    Sometimes, your CPA review book may not delve as deeply into an exam topic as you need to in order to understand the material. If you don’t have a lot of experience with a concept, catching up may require a basic definition, alternate descriptions, or an illustration. When led by professional educators, CPA lectures offer all of the above.

  2. When you want to walk through some real-world examples of the concept

    To effectively meet the CPA Exam’s expectations for your knowledge, you need to move beyond memorization and determine how to apply and evaluate a concept in order to reach a conclusion. By working through real-world examples, CPA video lectures reveal how to utilize exam topics in the workplace and enable you to take your skills to the next level.

  3. When you want the student-teacher experience

    Self-study is an extremely efficient way to learn, but it also leaves everything up to you. CPA lectures remedy that issue by simulating time in the classroom on-demand. In the Gleim Instruct video series, our team of accounting professors take you to the core of exam concepts and guide you step-by-step through CPA Exam multiple-choice questions. With over 100 video hours available, you can sit back and let someone else do the teaching.

  4. When you want to study without reading the book

    If you’re ready for some variety in your CPA Exam review, video lectures are here for you. They help you mix things up as you get ready for the CPA Exam so you can stay engaged and avoid burnout. You’ll enjoy complete study flexibility with CPA lectures.

  5. When you’re really struggling with a concept

    If reading the outlines and answering practice CPA test questions doesn’t clear up the fogginess surrounding a particular topic, you may find the clarity you’re looking for in CPA lectures. By offering a fresh perspective, video lectures help you increase your comprehension and strengthen your weak areas. The adaptive technology of Gleim CPA Review always suggests the most efficient study methods for most learners first, but if you have trouble with a topic the first time around, our course directs you to resources like CPA lectures that move through the exam content at a slower pace, so you can truly understand.

CPA Exam Review for Video CPA Lectures

To tap into the advantages of CPA lectures at the ideal times, you’ll need CPA exam prep that offers complete coverage. As the most comprehensive course on the market, Gleim CPA Review features a wide range of study materials that includes professor-led video lectures. These videos cover the most important topics in the CPA Exam blueprints, and our course presents them to you right when you need them. Powered by our innovative, proprietary SmartAdaptTM technology, our course tells you what you need to know when you need to know it, so you don’t have to worry about successfully incorporating CPA lectures into your study sessions. Just leave it to us, and Gleim CPA Review will prepare you better than any other course. See how easy it is to study effectively and pass efficiently by accessing our free CPA demo today.