CPA Review Audio Lectures: Do You Need Them?

cpa review audio lectures

To pass the CPA Exam, you must fit a lot of study time into your everyday life. A CPA Exam study plan really helps with this, but sometimes you may want to get more out of your review without adding to your study schedule. To study for the exam even when you’re not studying for the exam, you’ll need to make audio lectures the playlist of your life. Let us tell you all about CPA review audio lectures and how you can use them.


What Are CPA Audio Lectures?

Audio lectures are pretty self-explanatory: they are lectures without a visual component, and they’re usually designed with that fact in mind. CPA Exam audio lectures typically consist of a professional voice actor explaining important accounting concepts, providing concrete real-world examples to help solidify your understanding.

The point of audio lectures is to listen to them while you’re on the move. You can put them on your phone or music player and listen while you drive, exercise, clean the house, commute to work, etc. While audio lectures are perfect for auditory learners, they’re also very useful to anyone who wants to maximize their time. If you can get your studying done at the same time as your other daily tasks, you can effectively add hours to your day (or hours to your sleep).

What to Look for in CPA Exam Audio Lectures

There are many CPA Exam audio lectures available, but not all contain two important qualities. Before you buy, consider the following.

    1. Content coverage

      If you’re an auditory learner who will listen to audio lectures frequently throughout your studies, you should invest in lectures that address everything you need to know to pass. Don’t settle for CPA audio lectures that skimp on the details and won’t provide you with the information you need. On the other hand, if you will only use audio lectures to supplement your studies, you might prefer a brief overview of each topic. That said, you’ll still need thorough content coverage elsewhere in your course.

    2. Production Value

      Just as important as the content, the quality of the recording will affect how well you’re able to learn from audio lectures. If the sound levels and clarity are sub-par, you might struggle to focus out of frustration. Audio lectures should be easy to locate within the course, and their subject matter should integrate well with the rest of the course. And finally, if you’re wondering whether you can listen to CPA audio lectures on each of your various devices, the good news is that all of the review providers who supply audio lectures allow streaming and downloading for your convenience.

Where to Buy CPA Review Audio Lectures

Audio lectures can be grouped together with other study materials in a course package or sold separately as supplemental tools. While you’re shopping for a review system, consider how different CPA review providers package their audio reviews.

If you’re not certain whether you’ll use audio lectures in your review, it can be a good idea to pick a review course that bundles the audio lectures in with other review resources so you aren’t forced to spend extra money if you decide you want to try them later. Some review providers charge the same price for every section of lectures regardless of how many hours of lectures that section contains, and others only sell their audio lectures individually after you’ve already purchased one of their courses. If either of these things might dissuade you from using a resource you might otherwise enjoy, then you’re better off buying a course where audio lectures come standard.

Learn More About CPA Audio Lectures

You can’t know how well CPA Exam audio lectures will work for you until you hear them. The best way to experience audio lectures before you buy a review course is to access a free course demo, if available. Many CPA review providers offer free course demos with varied access periods, so look for the audio lectures within the course demo so you can give them a listen. It can also be helpful to look up the lecturer(s) and see what their students and/or other CPA candidates think.

Access the Most Thorough Audio Lectures Available

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