DRS Answering Techniques

DRS Answering Techniques

The Document Review Simulation (DRS) has not been around for very long, but this type of task-based simulation (TBS) already has a reputation for being a tricky CPA Exam question. You may encounter a DRS within the TBS testlets of any CPA Exam section, so you must continue preparing for them until you pass. Within your preparation, you should include learning more about DRSs and utilizing these DRS answering techniques.


Understanding DRS Document Review Simulations

A DRS requires you to review various exhibits to determine how best to draft a particular document. The document will contain highlighted words, phrases, sentences, or paragraphs that may or may not be correct. The DRSs always include the actual document you must review, a help tab, and several exhibits that vary from one DRS to the next. Types of exhibits may be financial statements, emails, letters, invoices, memoranda, or minutes from meetings.

Answering DRS Document Review Simulations

Whether you are working on practice DRSs or the real thing, follow these steps to give yourself the best chance at CPA Exam success.

  • Familiarize yourself with every part of the DRS.
    • Review the document and each exhibit so you know what is being asked and what information is available.
  • Read each underlined section and answer choice carefully and completely.
    • Each underlined portion of text will have five to seven answer choices that may include the option to revise the text, retain the original text, or delete the text. Verify that each word or amount is correct in your choice before making your final selection, as each answer has specific language and nuances to evaluate.
    • You must make an answer selection for every modifiable section of a DRS because each is scored as a separate question. You will know an answer has been selected when you see that the white outline in the blue icon has changed to a white check mark.
      • Blue icon with white outline: 
      • Blue icon with white checkmark: 


  • Completely understand the information in the exhibits.
    • Quickly survey the various items, then analyze the most relevant facts to reduce the number of possible answer choices. Keep in mind that the relevant information may be presented or worded differently than in the document you are revising.
  • Double-check that you have responded to each underlined portion of text.
    • If you have time, go through the entire DRS one more time to confirm that every underlined section has a white check mark next to it.

Reviewing for DRS Document Review Simulations

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