How To Be In Control – Part 2

CONTROL: How to Be In On Exam Day

Last week I highlighted the importance of being in control when preparing for the exam. This week I will discuss a few examples of how to remain in control on exam day.

Dress for Success. When taking the exam, dressing for success means wearing comfortable clothes. Sweats, shorts, and jeans are very appropriate. Wear layers according to your usual body temperature because you will not be allowed to remove any outerwear once you are in the testing room. Generally, wear what you wear when you are most comfortable studying.

Put Down the Books. It is tempting to bring notes, texts, other books, etc. to the exam. Avoid this trap, as you will only make yourself nervous and confused by trying to cram during those last few minutes before your exam. Be confident your review program thoroughly prepared you for this day.

Be Early. Arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment. Plan ahead for the day of the exam to avoid the stress of being rushed and the possibility of not making your appointment. You do not want to be forced to reschedule and delay your ability to take future parts. Check back next week for the third in our series on control.