Initial feedback

The following are general comments and suggestions we received from candidates who recently took the new computerized CPA exam.

No surprises regarding material tested. Gleim users felt well prepared for the exam. Our Test Prep software and our Review Online are said to emulate the Prometric exam very closely.

No complaints or surprises at Prometric, which is good news. Scratch paper is 2 sheets (4 pages) in a cover or an 8-1/2″ x 11″ sheet folded in half. Request more scratch paper at the start. Use page one for your Gleim Time Management Sheet and pages 2 and 3 to outline your communication responses.

Regulation is VERY tight on time. If possible, do Financial and/or Auditing before Regulation.

We are constructing a candidate feedback forum. Please share your comments and suggestions after you take each section of the exam.