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New Authoritative Literature Tab

A new release of authoritative literature – with codified FASB Accounting Standards – will be introduced on January 1, 2011. The updated authoritative literature has been completely redesigned in order to gain greater stability, facilitate future authoritative literature updates, and improve overall efficiency.

The new authoritative literature release will require a new research task format. This means that on January 1, 2011, how candidates view authoritative literature on the examination and how they enter their responses to research questions in the AUD, FAR, and REG sections will change.

CPA exam candidates can get a free six-month subscription to professional literature used in the computerized CPA Examination. Only candidates who have applied to take the CPA exam, and have been deemed eligible by state boards of accountancy, will receive access to this package of professional literature. This online package of literature will familiarize CPA Exam candidates with the use of online accounting resources. However, the interface used by the online package is not exactly the same as that used in the operational CPA Examination. Candidates should review the CPA Sample Tests and Tutorials, which can be found at, prior to taking the CPA exam. The sample tests reflect the functionality and interfaces of the authoritative literature used in the actual examination.

The Gleim Online and Gleim Simulation Wizards, which are both part of the Gleim CPA Review System, emulate the simulations found on the actual exam.