Order to Take Exam Sections

Gleim’s goal is for each candidate to pass each section on the first attempt. The most successful candidates are aggressive in their approach. The sooner you receive your certification, the sooner you reap the benefits.

Our most successful candidates take their strongest section first instead of their weakest. They are more likely to pass the first time, and the experience and confidence gained helps them pass the remaining sections the first time. Gleim has found that the most successful candidates follow this approach and move from strongest to weakest.

Below are some tips to help you determine what section you should take first:

  1. You should consider beginning with the section that most closely relates to the area or field in which you have the most professional experience. Another option is to begin with the section that corresponds with any class you are currently taking.
  2. Much depends on your personal strengths and weaknesses. If you are good with calculations and computations, then you might find Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR) or Regulation (REG) easier. If your strengths lie with more conceptual information, Auditing (AUD) or Business (BEC) might be a better idea.

All things being equal, we recommend that candidates start with the AUD section. We feel that this section is typically easier for candidates, as it provides the most time per question of the four sections.

Our standard recommendation IF all things are equal is as follows:

  1. AUD
  2. BEC
  3. REG
  4. FAR

If you need any assistance to determine what section you may want to begin with, please contact a Personal Counselor at 800.875.5346, ext 498 or via email at personalcounselor@gleim.com.