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CPA DRS Testing Tips
As the newest type of Task-Based Simulations (TBSs), there is still a bit of mystery surrounding CPA Exam Document Review Simulations (DRSs). On three of the four CPA Exam sections, TBSs comprise 50% of your exam score, and DRSs are some of the most complex TBSs on the exam. Therefore, a lack of information about...
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CPA Self Study
So you’ve decided to take the CPA Exam. Now, how do you plan to prepare for it? To give yourself the best chance at passing the CPA Exam on the first try, you should use CPA review. However, when it comes to exam prep, you have options: live review courses or CPA self-study materials. A...
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Studying with CPA Lectures
Wouldn’t it be great if studying for the CPA Exam was as easy as watching TV? With CPA lectures on video, it is. There are many advantages to studying for the CPA Exam with video lectures, and they’re useful for various review circumstances. Learn why CPA lectures are a study essential and discover the best...
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How Hard is the CPA Exam
So you want to be a CPA? Then you must pass the CPA Exam. Every state board requires CPA candidates to pass the exam, so it’s the one consistent part of the CPA certification process. Because you have to take it, you need to know: How hard is the CPA Exam? How Hard is the...
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Where to find a CPA Mentor
As an accountant and future CPA, you have a lot of CPA career options ahead of you. How will you pick the right one, set goals for the future, maximize your opportunities, and navigate the path to prosperity? Well, there are several ways to define and enhance your career (like passing the CPA Exam), and...
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How many CPA questions do I need to study?
The CPA Exam is a long and trying test that features many unique and challenging questions. As practice testing is one of the most effective ways to prepare for such an exam, your CPA exam prep should include plenty of practice questions for you to answer. But how many CPA test questions do you really...
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Is Gleim Review really adaptive?
Over the past year, many review providers have revamped and upgraded their courses with the newest trend in exam prep: adaptive learning systems. As review providers apply the term “adaptive technology” to their new courses, candidates are left wondering which ones really live up to the claim. Gleim has been a leader of this evolution,...
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CPA Career Paths
As a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), you will have a lot of career options. You can choose your accounting specialty and even be picky about the industry. As a license granted by state boards, the CPA certification is a career choice, but it is certainly not a limited one. In fact, you have more CPA...
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CPA AUD Exam Tips
While the AUD CPA Exam section contains similarities to the FAR CPA Exam section in its content, structure, and format, successfully passing AUD requires a tailored approach. As Auditing and Attestation specifically covers the audit process, this CPA Exam section will test candidates’ knowledge of certain auditing concepts and their ability to apply that knowledge...
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