Preparing for the CPA Exam: Visualizing Success

prepare and succeed in the cpa exam

Every two years, one very special event unites the world around a celebration of athleticism, passion, and determination: the Olympics. Whether it be the Summer or Winter variety, the Olympics is a thrilling demonstration of physical fitness and mental focus that leads to unique and life-changing victories. Though watching the Olympic games is great fun, participating in these games is extremely difficult. To do well, athletes must equip themselves with a plan, intense preparation, and a positive attitude.

As a CPA candidate, the CPA Exam is your Olympics. Consequentially, passing the CPA Exam requires much of the same from you as the Olympics does from an athlete. In order to prove your accounting excellence throughout this prolonged and challenging test, you need a plan, such as a CPA study plan. You also need intense preparation, with which a CPA review course can help. Finally, you need a positive attitude to steel yourself against fear and self-limiting beliefs. But how do you maintain such an uplifting mindset? One of the best ways to preserve a positive attitude while preparing for the CPA Exam is by visualizing success. To start seeing the CPA Exam success you can achieve, take these steps.

Preparing for the CPA Exam by Visualizing Success

By following these steps in order, you can establish a mental game plan for CPA Exam optimism.

  1. Acknowledge any negative attitudes

    As a CPA candidate, you may be afraid of logistical or technical problems that are associated with taking the exam, such as not being able to find the test center on your exam day or experiencing a computer glitch that freezes your machine and prevents you from finishing. You also may doubt that you’ve studied enough or that you have mastered a certain concept. Finally, you may fall into self-limiting beliefs, meaning you actually believe yourself to be less capable than others; e.g., no matter how hard you study, you will never pass the exam because you just don’t have the intelligence or determination. If these negative attitudes lurk beneath the surface of your mind, seek them out so you can get rid of them.

  2. Take a different approach

    Athletes battle these same issues, and CPA candidates should use successful athletes’ coping mechanisms as a blueprint for how to handle their own performance anxiety. Many high-level athletes use visualization and positive thinking to obtain their goals. A soccer player might visualize taking a corner kick that leads to a goal, while a golfer might mentally reinforce the ability to sink a putt. Successful athletes do not imagine themselves missing a goal or overshooting the hole; they know that performing the skill correctly in their mind will help them perform it perfectly when needed in competition.

  3. Assume a positive perspective

    Put a realistic picture of success in your mind. Instead of imagining what it would be like if you couldn’t find the test center or if your computer froze, envision yourself pulling into the parking lot, walking into the testing center, and taking the exam without any issues. Imagine yourself knowing the answer to every question and completing each testlet with plenty of time for review.

  4. Prevent future self-deprecation

    Finally, do not reinforce negative thinking. Replace self-limiting thoughts with positive thoughts by reminding yourself how hard you have worked, how much you have learned, and how capable you are of passing the CPA Exam. Never let yourself think that you are less intelligent or less talented than any other CPA candidate.

Preparing for the CPA Exam with a CPA Review Course

Gleim CPA was founded on Dr. Gleim’s belief that everyone should move onward and upward in their careers, even if their careers don’t include the Olympics. To achieve this kind of progress, whether as an athlete or an accountant, you have to sustain a positive attitude by believing in yourself and ignoring self-limiting beliefs. As you continue to study for the CPA Exam, think of yourself as more prepared than other CPA candidates. Every question that you answer is one more than the other candidates in the testing center have answered. These positive thoughts and a solid study program will help you move onward and upward by becoming a CPA.

Now that you know how to cultivate and keep positive thoughts, you just need that solid study program containing a plan and preparation. Gleim CPA Review features an interactive CPA study planner that can help you turn your vision of success into reality. Use it to begin preparing for the CPA Exam today.