Simulation Questions

This CPA Prep Tip concerns Simulation questions and how to answer them.

Simulation questions have multiple requirements listed as work tabs on your Prometric computer screen. Each work tab requiring a gradable response displays a pencil icon. Each Simulation will have 4 to 6 work tabs consisting of a variety of formats such as multiple-choice, forms completion, written communication, research, and spreadsheet response requiring numeric inputs or drop-down selections. The latter two being multiple-choice-type responses. We suggest that you utilize our Gleim Online course or online Simulation Wizard as well as read about Simulations in Study Unit 5 of our CPA Review: System For Success book.

When answering Simulations, we suggest you that make a first pass through the work tabs answering as much as possible in 5 minutes per tab. Make a mental note of what remains to be done in each tab. Make a second pass through the work tabs to review your answers and make them more complete using a time budget developed at the end of your first pass. Monitor your time budget. If you have adopted the Gleim Time Management System, or variation thereon, you know there is built-in flex time. The favored approach is to always stay on schedule and make the best use of your time relative to your time budget, testlets remaining, and time remaining.