How to Enjoy Summer While Studying for the CPA Exam

Enjoy summer while studying for the CPA exam

The sunshine, warmth, fresh air, and free time – there’s lots to love about summer! You don’t have to miss out on any of it just because you’re studying for the CPA Exam. When you choose CPA review with a variety of study materials, you can prepare for the exam while enjoying the wonders of the season all summer long. Try these five ways to make the most of your studies and your summer.

Top 5 Ways to Enjoy Summer While Studying for the CPA Exam


  1. Prepare for a lovely picnic in the park with your review book.

    The great outdoors are calling! Turn off your computer, go outside, and crack open your CPA review book. When you leave the indoors behind, you can bask in the cozy sunshine and inhale the clean air. The crisp, white pages of your review book will look beautiful in the summer sunlight, and the lush, green lawn will feel heavenly beneath your feet. Pack some healthy snacks so you can make a day of it.

  2. Go for a carefree drive through the countryside with your audio reviews.

    With the convenience of audio reviews, you don’t have to stay cooped up inside to study. Instead, you can hit the open road on a glorious summer’s day. Audio reviews allow you to learn critical CPA Exam content from easy-to-follow accounting lectures wafting through the stereo. With the freedom and flexibility of audio reviews, you’ll be preparing to pass your CPA Exam as you drive off into the sunset.

  3. Have a movie night under the stars with your video lectures.

    All you need to savor a super special moonlit night of studying is a white sheet, some wire, clothes pins, a projector, an extension cord or two, an HDMI cable, wireless internet, CPA video lectures, and a comfy blanket. Once your setup is done, just snuggle in and watch the riveting details of accounting unfold before your very eyes.

  4. Complete some practice quizzes at the beach with the test bank on your tablet.

    Dig into your memory while digging your toes into the sand by finishing a few practice quizzes at the beach. Crashing waves and cawing seagulls will serve as the perfect soundtrack for scoring 75% or higher on multiple-choice question quizzes. You can even chase the seagulls after you chase those high scores. When you use the largest CPA test bank on the market to create countless quizzes, you can stay at the beach all day!

  5. Call your Personal Counselor while taking a walk.

    Thanks to mobile phones, you can take a call with your Personal Counselor outside the confining walls of your home. While the summer is serving up some beautiful weather, get your Personal Counselor on the phone and get out of the house. Your Personal Counselor would love to hear from you, and your legs would love the exercise. You’ll be able to receive some premium study advice from our exam experts as you stroll around and soak up the sun.

Top Review Course for Fun CPA Exam Studying

If you live in a climate that experiences a real summer, don’t let the benefits of your locale go to waste. Going outside is good for your body and soul, and switching up your studies is good for your mind. If your CPA review course hasn’t equipped you with materials that enhance your studies with mobility, flexibility, and fun, learn more about the myriad of study options offered by Gleim CPA Review today.