Task-Based Simulations CPA Exam Testing Tips

Testing tips for CPA task-based simulations

Whether you are preparing to encounter 4 task-based simulations (TBSs) on BEC or 8 TBSs on AUD, FAR, and REG, you need to plan how you will approach the TBSs under CPA Exam conditions. Completing these unique question types in the testing environment requires careful forethought and extensive practice. After you have applied the best CPA task-based simulation study tips, recall this task-based simulations CPA Exam advice when you sit for the exam.

Task-Based Simulations CPA Exam Advice

Working efficiently through TBSs is as important as learning the testable content. In order to successfully manage your time and maximize your score on the CPA Exam, follow these steps for finishing TBSs:

  1. Before you begin working through the TBS testlets on the CPA Exam, write down your remaining testing time in hours and minutes.
  2. As you come to each new TBS, first explore the resources available by reading the titles of the exhibits quickly and previewing their content if necessary.
  3. Try to complete each TBS before starting another one, but remember that if you become frustrated or face difficulty, you should move on to the next TBS.
  4. Returning to the first TBS, work systematically through all of the TBSs a second time. Simultaneously review and perfect your answers in each TBS until you’ve depleted your time budget.
  5. Carefully watch the clock so that you can stick to your time budget for all of the testlets. If you utilize the time management system integrated into the Gleim CPA Review course and stay within your time allocation for each testlet, you will have extra time for your last two testlets.

Task-Based Simulations CPA Exam Info

Along with the authoritative literature found in the task-based simulations testlets, you will have access to two other TBS resources that can help you answer the questions: a four-function pop-up calculator and the desktop version of Excel.

With Excel, you will be able to use many of the most useful functions; for example, you can copy from Excel and paste into the answer fields or into the calculator (and vice versa – you can also copy from the questions or the calculator into Excel). You can also invoke advanced functions such as the PMT formula. Examples of these functions include

  • =4+2: displays the value 6
  • =A1+B1: displays the value of cell A1 added to cell B1
  • PMT (Amount, Interest, Terms, Terms Per Year): returns the payment amount given the present value, specified interest rate, and number of terms

Task-Based Simulations CPA Exam Review

While this advice and information relate to your actual exam day interaction with the task-based simulations, you should accustom yourself to these steps as you study for the CPA Exam with practice TBSs. The best way to replicate exam conditions and gain relevant TBS experience is to work with an exam-emulating CPA test bank that supplies tons of TBSs, and Gleim CPA has the largest test bank on the market.