The Gleim Methodology

The Gleim Methodology

Though the end result is a certification, not a degree, passing the CPA Exam is a very educational process that encompasses learning, reviewing, and testing. Therefore, when completing such a scholarly activity, it makes the most sense to work with professional educators who use verified teaching methods to help you cultivate a deep understanding of difficult concepts.

The CPA Exam will assess your knowledge of accounting topics at a very high level, so you need to know as much as you can and learn it as quickly as you can. Dr. Gleim and the other professional educators who created Gleim CPA Review employ the Gleim methodology to help you master the exam content effectively and efficiently. The Gleim methodology for CPA review involves practice testing and learning from your mistakes.

Gleim Methodology: Practice Testing

When ranking the various ways to learn, multiple studies place practice testing at the top of the list. Practice testing, or answering questions to test knowledge, can do as much as double your recall, and it works well for both multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and more complex problems (like Task-Based Simulations). Practice testing is not only one of the best study methods, but it is also among the fastest. Practice testing takes less time than rereading and self-explanation, for example. It is also as beneficial when applied to less consequential assessments as when applied to more consequential assessments, so it’s useful for every stage of the process of passing the CPA Exam.

Other studying techniques to which practice testing proved superior include keyword mnemonics and summarization. Mnemonics only work when keywords and definitions are important and frequently used within the material, but they fail to positively impact the long-term memory required to analyze and evaluate or even recall information weeks later. Conversely, summarization and note-taking assist with problems requiring information to be generated and written out, but these methods are less helpful for MCQs.

Practice testing is advantageous for both MCQs and Task-based Simulations (TBSs), so Gleim CPA Review affords plenty of opportunities to answer questions. As you move through the course, the completion of each study unit will always incorporate the testing phase in which you’ll be able to work through dozens of practice quizzes. Gleim CPA Review contains the largest bank of unique exam questions on the market, so you’ll have plenty of chances to gauge your knowledge. This wealth of questions will also help you avoid the temptation to memorize the question rather than learn the concept. Furthermore, our course features more exam emulation than any other, so practice testing with Gleim enables you to become comfortable with both the format and functionality of the CPA Exam, and practice testing becomes that much more profitable. Finally, you can experience the high-stakes environment of the CPA Exam before you even sit for it by practice testing with our Exam Rehearsals that mimic the 2017 exam as much as possible.

Gleim Methodology: Learning from Mistakes

Since establishing Gleim CPA Review in 1974, Dr. Gleim has advocated learning from mistakes due to the many benefits of this exercise. When you learn from your mistakes, you further develop the critical thinking and problem-solving abilities on which the CPA Exam already intends to test you.

Learning from your mistakes also enables you to strengthen your retention and comprehension, as the weight of the experience of getting the question wrong will push the answer deeper into your mind, and the process of being corrected will help you get a better grasp on the concept specifics. After you make a mistake, you are better positioned to pinpoint and address the content areas with which you struggle. Improving these areas then increases your knowledge, expands your expertise, and makes you even more prepared for anything the CPA Exam may throw at you, so you should embrace this process.

Gleim CPA Review encourages candidates to learn from their mistakes by presenting assessment quizzes at the start of each study unit. The SmartAdaptTM technology that powers our latest course uses the results of these assessment quizzes to build a personalized learning path that you can follow to CPA Exam success. SmartAdapt sends you back to content you may be misunderstanding and continues to quiz you until you demonstrate sufficient mastery. Once you finish a quiz, you’ll be able to review it by reading detailed answer explanations for every question. By discovering why the right answers were right and the wrong answers were wrong, you can perfect your thinking and boost your confidence. SmartAdapt also presents detailed analytics for your performance on each quiz and for each type of question. These analytics will help you understand how much more effort you must make to fully comprehend certain topics and will confirm that the information you already know is truly stored away in your long-term memory.

Gleim Methodology: CPA Review

Gleim CPA Review has utilized the Gleim methodology for over 40 years, and during that time, Gleim has helped candidates pass more than 1 million CPA exams. Our current course affords more opportunities than ever to answer questions and learn from your mistakes, so with Gleim CPA Review, you can achieve maximum preparation in minimal time. Discover the proven learning techniques of Gleim CPA Review today by signing up for access to our free CPA demo.