At what time of the day are you most productive? Do you need a specified study schedule? How disciplined are you? How are you going to control your study process?

Many people are most productive early in the morning when they are rested. Many candidates find 4-6 or 5-7 in the morning a productive time to study. They are fresh and usually not disturbed. Studying for the CPA review is the first thing they do each day. They do not put it off until later or make it a last priority. Also, studies have shown that students who study early in the morning cover more subject matter in less time, and retain more. The mind is clearer after sleep and able to internalize information in a way that is more accessible for recall.

You should study when you study best. Unfortunately, other activities compete for your time. Lack of time is your enemy, and preparing for the CPA exam takes a considerable amount of quality study time. This effort requires a substantial personal commitment.

Determine what time-consuming activities you can temporarily give up or defer until after the CPA exam. Something has to give if your schedule is already full before you begin your study process. Recall that there are 168 hours in a week (7 x 24), of which you work and commute 50-60 hours and sleep 50-60 hours, which leaves only 50-60 hours for personal, family, professional, and study endeavors. You should commit 10-20 hours per week to CPA exam preparation. Set up a regular schedule with the objective of completing one study unit every two days. Always plan exactly what you will accomplish before you begin. This will give you a feeling of accomplishment.