Where to Study

This CPA Prep Tip concerns where to study for the CPA exam. Study wherever you can concentrate. Study at home, at work, on public transportation, in hotels and motels, in libraries, in restaurants, in the park. Anywhere that is convenient for you and free of distractions. Study in a well lit area and at a desk or table if possible. Be sure to have all of your study materials available when you begin studying.

Study whenever you can get in a few minutes. The Gleim series is presented in four separate books for your convenience. Be sure to take one of the books with you in a backpack or briefcase wherever you go. You never know where or when you can squeeze in a few minutes. If you are studying at home or work, try to study in an area that you use only for studying. A desk is a perfect example. If you study in an area where you do other activities, you will associate that area with those activities and you may be distracted. For example, if you study in bed, you will associate the bed with sleeping and you may become tired. If you study in the living room in front of the television, you will associate the room with the television and may be tempted to turn it on during your study session. You may benefit by using several study locations, such as a desk at home, a local restaurant when they are not busy, a computer, and a local library. When you get bored or tired, you can move to a new location. Remember, you want to optimize each and every component of your CPA review process. Study location is just one component.