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Gleim CPA Mega Test Bank

Product Highlights

  • Largest test bank on the market
  • Exam-emulating multiple-choice questions and simulations
  • Expertly authored materials
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Price: $999.00

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Product Description:

Learn Why Gleim Prepares You Better Than Any Other CPA Program

Gleim has helped accountants pass over 1 million CPA exams as the leader in accounting exam prep since 1974. Gleim Mega Test Bank allows candidates to study from review materials written by professional educators and apply knowledge with the largest test bank of multiple-choice questions, Task-Based Simulations, Written Communication questions, and more!

What is my best value?

Chart comparing Premium, Traditional, and Mega Test Bank systems

You are currently exploring the Gleim Mega Test Bank. Go view the Gleim Premium CPA Review featuring SmartAdapt™ technology and your best value now!

The Mega Test Bank includes

The Largest Test Bank - Our bank of test questions is truly the largest collection of unique sample problems available on the market. By practicing with over 10,000 multiple-choice questions, Task-Based Simulations, and Written Communications, which include detailed answer explanations for both incorrect and correct answer choices, you can be ready for every type of question on the CPA Exam. Assess your knowledge and skills at the same levels as the CPA Exam to ensure that you are completely confident and prepared.
Unmatched Exam-Day Emulation - Feel right at home on exam day! We have programmed our course to replicate the Prometric testing environment in every possible way so you will feel like you are just taking another practice quiz when you sit for your CPA Exam section.
Digital or Physical Books - Our expertly-authored books are broken up into small, bite-sized sections for maximum retention and contain comprehensive outlines and examples.

All components of the Gleim CPA Mega Bank are available any time and wherever you have access to the Internet. Get access to the first study unit of the Premium review system absolutely free now!

View minimum system requirements here.

Product Testimonials:

September, 2017

The SmartAdapt technology is excellent for keeping material fresh and focusing on weaker areas. The videos are long enough to be effective but short enough to be efficient. The chapters are nicely organized, and the study planner was instrumental in keeping me on track. Overall, the outline books were easy to read. The Test Bank is unequaled. The personal counselors are responsive, knowledgeable, and helpful.

Holly Greene

September, 2017

Several co-workers began prepping for the CPA exam at the same time. I was the only one who used Gleim to study. I was also the only one who passed on the first attempt. I was able to look through the [competitor] material, it's harder to follow and much more expensive. The combination of the readings and test prep question explanations adequately covered all of the material I saw on the tests. The explanations on the questions did a great job explaining how to apply the material. Gleim gave a great timeline and study plan in order to learn the material in a timely and clear manner. Following the units and questions according to how Gleim laid them out was a key factor in passing.

Jason A Cunningham

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