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Browser You are using Ccbot, version 2.0. More Info

In order to view Gleim pages properly, it's recommended to use a supported browser. The following browsers are supported:

Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 11 and above
Google Chrome Version 52 and above
Apple Safari Version 8 and above
JavaScript JavaScript is Disabled. More Info

JavaScript is used extensively on the Gleim website to enhance functionality and allow for interactivity. Disabling JavaScript limits the ability of this utility to detect other components that may be required by our website. It is recommended that you enable JavaScript in the browser you are currently using. The following are instructions on how to enable JavaScript for some popular browsers:

Microsoft Internet Explorer
Tools → Internet Options → Security → Custom Level → Make sure all items are enabled under the Scripting section
Google Chrome
Customize and control Google Chrome → Settings → Show advanced settings → Under Privacy, click Content settings → Allow all sites to run JavaScript
Apple Safari
Safari → Preferences → Security → Enable JavaScript
Adobe Flash Unable to determine the status of Adobe Flash. More Info
Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash is a browser enhancement that allows for the display of multimedia content. It can be downloaded for free at

Security software will sometimes block Adobe Flash presentations. You may also want to check your browser settings and any toolbars you have installed to make sure they aren't blocking your presentations.

Pop-Up Blocker Unable to determine the status of popups. More Info

Popups are browser windows that open in addition to the window you're currently viewing. Because they're often used for advertising purposes, many people have programs installed that prevent these windows from opening. However, popups are a convenient way to differentiate information and are used on some of the Gleim online courses. It is recommended to disable popup blockers while using the Gleim site, or configuring the program to allow popups from Gleim.

NOTE: You may have more than one pop-up blocker installed. There is most likely one within your browser. There may also be one installed with toolbars, browser extensions, or within security software such as anti-viruses, Internet security programs or firewalls on your computer.

Cookies Cookies are disabled. More Info

Cookies are small pieces of information that can be saved to a user's hard drive when they visit the Gleim website. This information would include things such as settings and preferences from the Gleim website. It is recommended to enable cookies for
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Adobe Reader Unable to determine the status of Adobe Reader. More Info
Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is a third party program that allows the viewing of PDF files. Since many of the online courses utilize PDF documents, it is highly recommended to download and install this program.
It is available for free at: