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Welcome to the Gleim Online Part 141 Application Tool!

Air Agency Certificate

This tool will help you generate professional pilot school application documents. Moreover, you can save all of this information online and access/edit it at any point in the future. After you complete your initial certification, you can use this tool for amendments and recertification as necessary.

The Part 141 application process has long been considered confusing and out of reach by many flight schools, but this tool, along with the excellent Gleim reference material, will make the Part 141 application process a breeze.

Get started using this tool by either logging in (if you already have a user account with us) or creating a new user account using one of the two buttons below. Until you log in, you will not be able to navigate the tool. It is our pleasure to help you on your way to becoming a Part 141 flight school!

On September 12, 2017, the FAA issued AC 141-1B - Part 141 Pilot Schools, Application, Certification, and Compliance. This revision updates information found in AC 141-1A, Pilot School Certification, dated February 18, 1993, including additional information on compliance with part 141, and includes a chapter on Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requirements for part 141 pilot schools. We are in the process of updating the TCO tool to ensure compliance with the new guidelines. While the current tool will assist you in preparing your application, Gleim recommends working with your POI to ensure your application and documentation is complete and meets the FAA requirements.

Tool Features
  • Create and revise the following Part 141 school documentation
    • Letter of Intent
    • FAA Form 8420-8, Pilot School Application
    • Training Course Outlines (TCOs)
    • Safety Procedures and Practices
  • Automatically error-check your documentation before sending it to your FSDO
  • Create flight school documentation custom-tailored to your operation