Joseph Frascone

Profile last updated on September 23, 2014

127 Crisfield St.
Yonkers, NY 10710
Phone: (914) 573-3968
Cell Phone: (914) 779-2436


Instructs in:

  • Airplanes
    • Single-Engine
    • Multi-Engine
  • Instrument Instruction
  • Glass Cockpit
  • High-Performance

Additional information:

Part-time Instructor
Average Instruction per Year: 300 hours

Learn to fly with Joseph Frascone at CDW, DXR, FRG, HPN, ISP, MGJ, MMU, SWF

CFI Notes:

Ever since the first time I saw a small commuter duck into a low deck of clouds at a local airport and pondered why I could hear it while, in an instant it disappeared into the clouds, I knew then, at the ripe age of 31 years old, that this is what my purpose of being alive was for. This feeling that I had as I stood in awe, while the drone of the two PT-6's disappeared into the deck, went through me as if the creator himself, was playing me like a bowed instrument. The possibility that I could be the pilot of one of those machines. Flying had become the endeavor for me to persevere from then on. Considering that at that time, back in 1984, it had not yet been 100 years since the Wright brothers had took to the air in powered flight. Thence a few decades later, we had already been to the Moon and back. Put into temporal context, the fact that over the million odd years that Man has been on the planet, we now take our place in nature amongst the flying animals, causes me to clamor all the more to become filled with the exhilaration of near ecstatic sensation of being in flight. As I trim for level flight at some altitude between two layers of clouds and watch the sunset, I have realized that this meditative mandala of levitated focus, is indeed Americaʼs contribution to the peaceful disciplines of the ancient esoteric schools. Do this on a daily basis only urges me on to go further, to realize that there is a possibility that someday, I could assist others in learning to fly. All that I could add to the above is that I look forward to the opportunity, and I will do every thing in my power to share my aeronautical knowledge and flying skills to whoever wants to learn this noble craft. I look forward to hearing from you within the near future.

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