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FAR/AIM: § 120.111 Administrative and other matters.

§ 120.111 Administrative and other matters.

(a) MRO record retention requirements.

(1) Records concerning drug tests confirmed positive by the laboratory shall be maintained by the MRO for 5 years. Such records include the MRO copies of the custody and control form, medical interviews, documentation of the basis for verifying as negative test results confirmed as positive by the laboratory, any other documentation concerning the MRO's verification process.

(2) Should the employer change MRO's for any reason, the employer shall ensure that the former MRO forwards all records maintained pursuant to this rule to the new MRO within ten working days of receiving notice from the employer of the new MRO's name and address.

(3) Any employer obtaining MRO services by contract, including a contract through a C/TPA, shall ensure that the contract includes a recordkeeping provision that is consistent with this paragraph, including requirements for transferring records to a new MRO.

(b) Access to records. The employer and the MRO shall permit the Administrator or the Administrator's representative to examine records required to be kept under this subpart and 49 CFR part 40. The Administrator or the Administrator's representative may require that all records maintained by the service agent for the employer must be produced at the employer's place of business.

(c) Release of drug testing information. An employer shall release information regarding an employee's drug testing results, evaluation, or rehabilitation to a third party in accordance with 49 CFR part 40. Except as required by law, this subpart, or 49 CFR part 40, no employer shall release employee information.

(d) Refusal to submit to testing. Each employer must notify the FAA within 2 working days of any covered employee who holds a certificate issued under part 61, part 63, or part 65 of this chapter who has refused to submit to a drug test required under this subpart. Notification must be sent to: Federal Aviation Administration, Office of Aerospace Medicine, Drug Abatement Division (AAM-800), 800 Independence Avenue, SW., Washington, DC 20591, or by fax to (202) 267-5200.

(e) Permanent disqualification from service.

(1) An employee who has verified positive drug test results on two drug tests required by this subpart of this chapter, and conducted after September 19, 1994, is permanently precluded from performing for an employer the safety-sensitive duties the employee performed prior to the second drug test.

(2) An employee who has engaged in prohibited drug use during the performance of a safety-sensitive function after September 19, 1994 is permanently precluded from performing that safety-sensitive function for an employer.

(f) DOT management information system annual reports. Copies of any annual reports submitted to the FAA under this subpart must be maintained by the employer for a minimum of 5 years.

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