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FAR/AIM: § 121.689 Flight release form: Supplemental operations.

§ 121.689 Flight release form: Supplemental operations.

(a) Except as provided in paragraph (c) of this section, the flight release may be in any form but must contain at least the following information concerning each flight:

(1) Company or organization name.

(2) Make, model, and registration number of the aircraft being used.

(3) Flight or trip number, and date of flight.

(4) Name of each flight crewmember, flight attendant, and pilot designated as pilot in command.

(5) Departure airport, destination airports, alternate airports, and route.

(6) Minimum fuel supply (in gallons or pounds).

(7) A statement of the type of operation (e.g., IFR, VFR).

(8) For each flight released as an ETOPS flight, the ETOPS diversion time for which the flight is released.

(b) The aircraft flight release must contain, or have attached to it, weather reports, available weather forecasts, or a combination thereof, for the destination airport, and alternate airports, that are the latest available at the time the release is signed. It may include any additional available weather reports or forecasts that the pilot in command considers necessary or desirable.

(c) Each certificate holder conducting domestic or flag operations under the rules of this part applicable to supplemental operations shall comply with the dispatch or flight release forms required for scheduled operations under this subpart.

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