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I have passed the last part of my CIA examination today and have qualified as a CIA. I have passed the CMA, CPA ... [cont.]

Ramakrishna(Ram) Vasudevan, CIA, CMA
I passed the CMA exam and want to thank you and the Gleim team for providing such great study materials.

Norbert Tschakert, Ph.D., CPA, CMA, CIA, CFE, CFF, CITP, Salem State University
I wanted to let you and the staff at Gleim know that I passed Part 1 of CMA on my first attempt!!! I'm very pleased with my myself and the study materials. ... [cont.]

Tina Certain
Your material is no joke. To say that I am very satisfied is an understatement. I would take the Gleim study material and challenge it to any competitor, ... [cont.]

Ryan S.
I used the Gleim series to pass the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) exam in 2000 and have used it again to pass part 2 of the Enrolled Agent (EA) ... [cont.]

Gene Sterett , CMA
I used Gleim book and test prep for my preparations and found them really helpful. I recommend it to all my fellow CMA candidate friends. Along with hard ... [cont.]

Iftekhar Ali, CMA, UAE
I want to thank Gleim for the very concise but comprehensive CMA Exam Review. I passed both parts of the CMA exam ... [cont.]

Leslie Vaughan, CPA, CMA, University of the Pacific
Thanks to the Gleim CMA Review System, I was able to pass both parts of the exam in less than 5 months. I really ... [cont.]

Jack Wu, CMA, Instructor at Chemeketa Community College
I feel that the Gleim study program provided me with the direction I needed to prepare for the CMA exam. I wouldn't have even known where to begin without ... [cont.]

Jennifer Fulton
The Essays on the CMA has been the most difficult part for me; therefore I was not able to pass the exam because ... [cont.]

Elhadi Elimam, CMA , Saudi Arabia
My employer communicated to me that they would help pay for the training materials, IMA registration costs, etc. I decided to begin my preparations in ... [cont.]

Kurt Riddle
The Gleim CMA review course is succinct and comprehensive in the material it provides. Each topic is reinforced with questions and essays that test all ... [cont.]

Robert B. Johnson, CMA, CPA
I am pleased to say I successfully passed the CMA using the Gleim Review System! The system enables participants to truly customize the program to meet ... [cont.]

Ashley Gibson, CMA, CPA
Gleim was a well structured program. It has difficult questions that prepared me for the exam better than the other programs I have used. The Test Prep ... [cont.]

Edee Rennick, CMA
I passed my CMA Part 2 Exam. The study materials were very effective, especially: (1) The Gleim Online MC practice is the same as the Prometric testing ... [cont.]

I scheduled both parts of the CMA exam while attending graduate school, working full time, and raising a 3 year old son. It was obvious I was going to ... [cont.]

Audrey Belden, CMA
While both CMA Exams were challenging in their own ways, the Gleim CMA Study System provided me a practical study outline and thorough body of knowledge ... [cont.]

Bradley Comm CMA, CTP, MBA
Excellent review material. Out of 100 multiple choice questions and 2 essay topics there was only 1 question that I had no clue about. All other topics ... [cont.]

Gary Kulczynski
I passed the EA Part 1 Individuals today. Gleim materials are amazing. This makes 10 exams in a row passed with Gleim! 1 more and I am done.

John Dykeman, CMA, CPA
I benefited from Gleim Review System in different ways. The book was very well structured with "to the point" explanations. The software is extremely beneficial ... [cont.]

Ayman Awada, CMA, Qatar
I am enormously proud to have passed the CMA exam, and to have achieved my second professional certification. I passed each one on the first shot. If it ... [cont.]

Daniel Bradley, CPA, CMA
I followed the Gleim suggested timelines for my study sessions, and was able to follow them while working full-time. While I found the exam to be difficult, ... [cont.]

Susan Heltsley
The Gleim program helped me to identify my weaknesses and improve upon them. The suggested practice of utilizing the first 15 minutes of the exam (practice ... [cont.]

Carey C.
I passed part I back in January, first try. Only used Gleim. Thanks, looking forward to passing part II here in the near future.

Andrew Boll
I have used Gleim review course to pass both the CMA and CIA exams. Perfect course - just what you need to pass!!!

Tarek Bastami
I completed my graduation in 1990, but thereafter I could not continue my studies, but last year after a 21 year ... [cont.]

Umesh Kumar Tulsiani, CMA, Kuwait
I have only positive things to say about your CMA study package. I followed the system and felt very well-prepared. ... [cont.]

David Mona, CMA, Associate Professor of Accounting at Champlain College
I know that I wouldn't have passed the Part 1 exam without these materials. Gleim does an excellent job of helping with time management and making sure ... [cont.]

Brenda Turner
Thank you to Gleim and their team for helping me in my endeavor to pass the CMA exams. The study materials were a great guide in helping me determine how ... [cont.]

Tyler Griggs, CMA
In 2008, our company made it clear that they preferred all Accounting/Finance Heads to have a CPA or CMA. When I found out that one of my competing managers ... [cont.]

Jeff Eiseman, CMA, MBA
One of the critical elements for successfully completing a certification program is choosing the right exam prep ... [cont.]

Robert Crow, CPA, CMA, CFM, CIA
I purchased the Gleim program for the two part CMA exam. Not only was the product an excellent quality, but the staff was extremely helpful from technical ... [cont.]

Heather Nusbaum, CMA
I passed! Scaled score of 410 on part 2. Thank you so much for all your help. I could not have done it without ... [cont.]

Edward R. Walker, PhD, CPA, CMA
I began studying for my Part 1 exam (scheduled June 1st) in early May and for the Part 2 exam (scheduled June 29th) ... [cont.]

Jill Halverson, CMA, Assistant Professor of Business
I have taken the Gleim Review course in preparation for both my CMA (Certified Management Accountant) exams. I passed both exams for the first time, and ... [cont.]

Kumail Ahmed, Pakistan
Thank you for helping me make the CMA exams a success! I cannot thank you more for the everlasting support and encouragement that made it possible for ... [cont.]

I was just informed I received The ICMA Bronze Medal for the January-February 2012 testing window. The Gleim materials were excellent. They helped me pass ... [cont.]

Saif Lalani, CMA
I wanted to thank the entire Gleim team for my success on the CMA exam. I passed both parts on the first try with scores of 450 and 430, and I know I couldn't ... [cont.]

Mat Maloney, CMA
I successfully passed both Parts I and II of the CMA Exam using the Gleim Review System. I truly believe Gleim's focused concentration on the critical ... [cont.]

Melissa Pratt, CMA
The Gleim CMA Review System was thorough, accurate, easy-to-use, informative, and robust. All of the written lecture notes and books were relevant to the ... [cont.]

Joe Mathew, CMA, CPA
I had tried other products and was very disappointed when I took the test and realized that all the time and money I had invested was not effective. Gleim's ... [cont.]

Judy Moose, CMA
I was bound and determined to pass the CMA, but without the Gleim review course I wouldn't have. I tried doing it on my own, and I tried an instructor-led ... [cont.]

Gerri DeRubies, CMA
I wanted to thank you for developing an excellent package for the CMA exam. Gleim helped me to get ready and to pass both parts in one testing window (September/October ... [cont.]

Stani Kantcheva, CPA, CMA
I used the Gleim materials to prepare for the 4-part CMA exam. The Gleim materials were effective, educational, and are a continuing resource. I recommend ... [cont.]

Allen Hobbs, CMA
Dec 14 2011--Date I found out I passed Part 2 of the CMA exam. I passed Part 1 in June 2011. This day will be remembered for a long time as it is a personal ... [cont.]

Kristina Mueller, CMA
Today I found out that I passed the final part 2 of the CMA exam. I passed both parts of the CMA exam on the first try using your CMA Review materials. ... [cont.]

Daniel Byrd, CMA
The Gleim Knowledge Transfer System is the most efficient and effective use of your personal time when preparing for the CMA exam. You have to get exam ... [cont.]

Chris Vincent, CMA
The Gleim study series is worth every penny. The study materials examples and problems are excellent and some of the toughest things you will see on the ... [cont.]

Joe Ciarico, CMA
I have used the Gleim for EA and CMA and I was successful on both and will surely recommend you to any one.

Sony Joseph
I found that if I followed the Gleim program as suggested, I scored very well. In all, I took three parts of the CMA, the first two under the old format ... [cont.]

Kristy Jorgenson, CMA
Gleim was an essential part of preparing for the CMA examination. I started taking the CMA exam in 2008 and used Gleim study materials for sections 2 and ... [cont.]

Travis Young, CPA, CMA
I found out this weekend that I passed Part 2 of the CMA with a score of 400. Thanks for your help throughout the process. The Gleim system definitely ... [cont.]

Nathaniel Ravo
I initially used Gleim for the Certified Internal Auditor Examination (CIA). I felt that it was easy to use and ... [cont.]

William Scarborough CPA, CMA, CIA, CFE, CVA
I passed Part 2 of the new-format CMA exam on my first attempt! I can't thank Gleim enough for the support and resources provided to me during my preparation. ... [cont.]

Chris Bisha, MBA, CMA
I couldn't have been happier with the Gleim system. The people at Gleim are exceptionally organized and knowledgeable. ... [cont.]

Michael McWherter, CPA,CMA,CFE
I used Gleim to study for the CMA exam last summer. Putting in about 50-100 hours of study per part I was able to pass each of the four parts on the first ... [cont.]

Sean Gaffney, CMA
I found Gleim to be much more straight forward and efficient to use than other training materials. In fact, after reviewing my Gleim material with a few ... [cont.]

Mitch Tobias, CMA
I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Gleim for the comprehensive and well organized study materials that you produce. Thanks to ... [cont.]

Eric Quattlebaum, CPA, CMA
Thank you so much for the fast turnaround and the materials. My students will greatly benefit from them. You are a great organization to work with.

David Dahlberg, CPA, Associate Professor at St. Catherine University
I used Gleim to study for the Part 4 CMA exam. Gleim materials were easy to use, informative, and very effective. I passed Part 4 on the first try with ... [cont.]

Stepan Babayan, CMA
I was very impressed with the quality of the materials and the effectiveness of the learning outlines. I particularly enjoyed the structure of each study ... [cont.]

Nathan Alger
I decided to contact other CMA-students in the forum and to ask their assistance. A girl from Poland advised me ... [cont.]

Olga Timanovskaya, CMA, Moscow
I would like to thank Dr.Gleim & his team for the excellent CMA Review System. I recently earned the CMA designation and relied solely on Gleim to ... [cont.]

Varni Jathunanthanan, CMA
I recently passed all 4 parts of the CMA exam on my first attempt using the Gleim Review System. I had been out of school for many years and the Gleim ... [cont.]

John G. Dykeman, CMA
I passed the 4th part of the CMA exam. This was my 3rd attempt at the final exam, but the first time I used Gleim. I'm glad that I decided to try your ... [cont.]

Erick Kjellberg, CMA
I would like to thank all the people at Gleim! I recently passed my CMA Part 4, and completed my journey to pursue ... [cont.]

Li-Yih Chiu, CPA, CIA, and CMA
I used Gleim for Part 3 and Part 2 of the CMA exam and passed both parts, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I think Gleim Online quizzes and true/false questions are ... [cont.]

Jurate Baubliene
I stuck to my schedule and followed the study sequence recommended. I went into the test nervous, but confident, and came out victorious. Your system worked ... [cont.]

Laura Keehn
It was a very long and hectic journey but I was able to endure and pass each and every CIA and CMA exam on the ... [cont.]

Mohamad A. Mneimneh, CMA, CIA
Thank you for putting together such a great tool for the CMA exams. With the Gleim CMA Review System, I was able to pass all of the CMA parts that I took ... [cont.]

Peter Temko, CPA
I used the Gleim program for Parts 3 and 4 of the CMA exam, and just received word that I've passed Part 4 and completed the program. Gleim materials were ... [cont.]

Kemi Broadley
I used the Gleim CMA review materials and have passed all the 4 part of CMA on the first attempt. THANKS TO GLEIM!!! It is a great feeling to have passed ... [cont.]

Saravanan B
I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the Gleim Personal Counselors for all their help in my quest for the CMA certification. In addition, the support ... [cont.]

Deanne Corris, CMA
I just wanted to let you know that I found out today that I passed Part 4 of the CMA Exam! I only used Gleim's books and test-prep cds and by the grace ... [cont.]

Miranda, North Carolina
I wouldn't have passed the CMA exams without the help of Gleim.

Gary Caccamise
I am very happy to inform you that I have completed Part 4 of the CMA. I take this opportunity to thank Gleim. I fully relied on Gleim, particularly Essay ... [cont.]

S S Manivannan
I recently received my score for Part 4 of the CMA exam.........and it was good news! I passed the exam on my first try. This means I have completed ... [cont.]

Matt Herwaldt
I thought I would let you know that I did indeed pass part 4. I found out today that I scored a 560, so I passed all four parts of the exam on the first try ... [cont.]

Jake Reidle
I want to take this opportunity to reciprocate the best wishes for the new year to you too. I used Gleim's test prep CDs for preparing for my CMA exams. ... [cont.]

Sanket Khadilkar
I just received my 14th edition course for the CMA exam in the mail. Wow! I can't believe you sent me the entire updated package for only the ... [cont.]

Ada Ramirez
This is the second professional certification for which I have engaged Gleim. The CMA being my first. When I began preparing for the CMA Exam using ... [cont.]

Joe Snyder
I studied the 4 books of Gleim thoroughly and passed all the tests of CMA. Part 1 waived off because I am a CA and an AICWAI from India. Parts 2 & 3, I ... [cont.]

Mayur Prabhu Melanaturu
I completed and passed the CMA certification process using only your study material. I felt that your study materials properly prepared me to accomplish ... [cont.]

Terry Meyers
Thank you Gleim! I just received the results from Part 4 of the revised CMA exam, which I passed. I used the Gleim products for Part 2, 3 and 4 and ... [cont.]

Dana Garwood

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