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Gleim CMA Review Is the #1 CMA Review Provider

Gleim CMA is an IMA Strategic Partner, and has trained more CMAs than any other review course! Our customer reviews are numerous, and there’s no better way to learn about Gleim CMA than from actual candidates. Read what they have to say about the most widely used CMA review course.

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Annie Andrews Senior Accounting Manager at Maypro Industries CMA (USA), CPA, CMA (Canada)
5 Stars

Very systematically laid out material, with so many available options for additional review and study. The online lectures plus the print material provided for a complete set. The question bank on each module was super useful, and enables one to gauge one’s performance level in a systematic fashion. Personally, I could avoid taking down copious notes, because it was already organized for me. The condensed tables for quick reference is available in several formats for individual study style. I’ve already recommended this system to several peers. I am already planning on taking my CPA next and plan on using GLEIM again. I have familiarized with the delivery style and hence would only stand to benefit from the same methodology.

Zeino O. Avila, CMA
5 Stars

What I liked the most about the Gleim Review System was the essay tools. I could practice as many as I wanted in the areas where my grades weren’t so good. The Exam Rehearsal helped me a lot as it emulates the exam scenario and I was very comfortable on exam day because of this environment preparation. Another thing that was very useful were the responses of the Gleim team when I had doubts about some subjects, and the answers came in a timely and straightforward manner. I have already recommended Gleim to my work colleagues that want the CMA certification.

Arthur Liu
5 Stars

I passed the CMA examination last month, and I really want to thank Gleim for your materials that helped me pass the exam. Your CMA review course is helpful and useful. I can track my learning process timely, and the study planner reminds me to follow up my schedule if I was behind in my study. Most importantly, I can log in to the CMA review course anytime and anywhere. In addition, I can watch the instructor videos with e-books. Then, I can practice the knowledge into the questions to prepare for the examination. These features helped me earn the CMA, and I will introduce you to my friends if they want get the CMA in the future. Again, thank you Gleim.

Andy Ayers, CMA
5 Stars

I liked that the Gleim Review System was methodical and easy to use. I used a competitor for the CPA test and it was very dull, boring, and seemed to skip around a bunch. My Personal Counselor was engaging and helped keep me on task with watching the videos and understanding the material. It made sense the way that Gleim takes you through the material. The Gleim System made it easier for me to study in many different ways and ingrain the information in my mind for the test. The multiple choice questions were very extensive and I felt more prepared going into the test since it was set up exactly the same way that the actual test was. I would, and do, recommend the Gleim Review System to others. Actually, one of my friends is using the Gleim System for the CPA certification.

Phillip Dennis
5 Stars

I bought one of the Gleim self-study books about 15 years ago, so I knew the Gleim materials were thorough and well organized. The fact that I was able to study on my iPad on the commuter bus was a big help. When I couldn’t be reading or watching the videos, I was able to listen to the audio lectures using my phone. The Gleim suggested approach was incredibly important to my success. I found the adaptive learning technology extremely useful because it allowed me to concentrate on my weak areas, especially during the intensive review days leading up to the exam. I loved seeing all my red bars gradually turn green after practice exams. I would strongly recommend the Gleim system to anyone pursuing the CMA. It has everything you need to make the best use of your time. The different delivery formats Gleim offers allows you to study productively in any environment, and the enormous problem sets mean you can practice until you know you’re ready for the exam.

Kristina Gallivan
5 Stars

I passed both parts on my first try, which obviously means the materials really prepare you for the CMA exam. Most of my coworkers are planning to take the exam, so I always put a good word in for Gleim.

I think the materials were very good and comparable to the test. Some of the questions were almost exactly like ones I had in my practice test. My studying practice was to read the whole book (highlighting important material and working through practice questions) and then do the focus questions and practice multiple choice. I always did the practice test at the end of every unit too. In addition, I had an overall great experience with the personal counselors.

Honestly, I did not do much research about Gleim or its review competitors. I heard through word of mouth that Gleim was great, so I just went with that.

Mark Andromidas, CMA
5 Stars

The Gleim Review System was THE essential (and only) tool I used to solidly pass both parts of the CMA exam on my first attempts. The printed and online resources worked perfectly together and provided me with study options to suit my style. The testing system is exactly like the Gleim system, so navigation was easy. After each test, I left cautiously optimistic, but I admit I was nervous…did I pass or not? The waiting was the hardest part! Well, my answers finally came. I scored 440 on Part 1 and 450 on Part 2! I recommend the Gleim system to prepare for any exam certification for which they offer study tools. If I am in the position to seek another certification, Gleim will be the first place I turn to ensure my success!

Sarah Mazzie

The Gleim software was absolutely essential to passing the CMA exam. The sections were divided into bite-sized lessons which were easy to review. In addition, I really enjoyed the Gleim Instruct videos which helped explain some of the questions and concepts. The books are really helpful, especially on the go. The personal counselor is a great resource that helped me before and after the exams. I would definitely recommend Gleim to others and I look forward to using the software for CPE credits or other future certifications.

Ryoko Fuse, CMA

When I started studying with Gleim, I was in the last trimester of pregnancy and soon after that, I delivered my first baby. This means I had limited time to use for my studying. Although it took nearly 2 years, I finally passed the CMA exams, which proves that the Gleim materials are well-organized for studying. I didn’t use any other studying materials, I just followed Gleim’s Suggested Steps. If asked about Gleim by my friends, I will surely recommend it to them. Gleim is a reliable supporter to pass the exams.

Robbie Ross

The Gleim study materials and test prep were very similar to the multiple choice questions and essay questions I encountered on the exam. Almost an exact match. The online instruction as well as the ability to study via a mobile device helped me out tremendously. Those components coupled with the study outline worked very well for me. Overall, the materials provided a very comprehensive overview of the CMA exam. The study planner was key in my success on this exam. It help me hold myself accountable with my studies and sharing the planner with my family members helped them make sure I was on track as well.

Yang Ming

Thanks to Gleim helping me study, I was able to pass the CMA exam! I personally believe that the Gleim CMA review course is the best course for a candidate to utilize when preparing to take the CMA exam. My major is Accounting, Finance, and a Minor in Mathematics, and I have little working experience due to focusing on my education, but Gleim was able to help me understand and remember key points as well as how to apply them. Gleim’s outlines and test prep are very useful. The test bank includes almost all of the key points on the outlines and explains every choice clearly. For instance, internal control has been something that I struggled with, but with time and practice, it eventually “clicked.” While I find the formulas in accounting and finance easy to remember, I believe that the Gleim outlines have and will continue to improve my accuracy and speed when solving them. The Gleim essay portion is also great because it clearly shows me how the essay is graded. The Exam Rehearsal was very similar to taking the actual CMA exam, and the report given is almost the same as the transcript I received from IMA. By utilizing the Exam Rehearsal, I became less nervous when taking the actual exam. I am also very grateful for the Gleim Personal Counselors as they helped me improve my own studying ability. I am glad I received all of the advice that I did and can see that they truly care for their candidates.

Luis Henriquez

Gleim helped me study and get prepared to take this test and pass! I really liked the ability to create tests of the length that I desired to strengthen my weak areas within my time constraints. Really appreciated the dashboard. I consider myself a somewhat old school student, with a book, pen, and paper. However, Gleim made it easy for me to convert to an online student, and so ended up not using the book in the end. It helped to really work in the format that the test is given in. And you get some more perks online, like didn’t have to carry a book around and could sign in from anywhere and pick up where I left last. Giving options to students I think is good. I also really want to thank my Personal Counselor for always helping me out!! Even if she was out, there was always someone responding quickly. They have a great setup! I found the material to be very truthful to what the test really is.

William Lyle

The Gleim Review System was instrumental in my success on the CMA exam. Using their resources, I was able to design a study plan that allowed me to pass both parts within a month’s time, while working both a full-time job and on my Doctorate at the University of Florida. The content was extremely helpful because it was organized and provided great sample questions as a preparation tool. Using the study planner to build a calendar for milestone dates within the software is an awesome feature, especially for those with busy schedules. I would recommend Gleim to anyone that is serious about succeeding on the CMA exam. My plan is to continue my studies and complete the CPA exam within the next twelve months and I plan to use Gleim to achieve success!

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Julie Klapperich
5 Stars

I am delighted with Gleim. It prepared me very well for the CMA exam, and I was able to pass both parts on the first try. I was uncertain each time whether I would pass. There is so much data to retain all at one time. The review was set up so that the difficulty, time constraints and way that the questions were worded was very similar to the actual exam experience.

I really appreciated that the Gleim product delivered the information that I needed to succeed on the test. The lessons included content about logic and accounting, as well as explanations of what to expect on test day. The review prepared me for content, what to expect at the center and how to efficiently move through calculations so that I could answer enough questions before time was up.

I did begin to use a competitor review that was given to me, but it was not as visually appealing as Gleim and the material was harder to wade through. Though it was a difficult expense for me to incur at the time, I feel Gleim was well worth the money.

Irene Mao
5 Stars

Gleim has a very comprehensive review system, and the online questions covered all of the material needed for the exam. As a business professional, Gleim has helped me manage my time wisely. I will definitely tell my friends to take advantage of Gleim package. I will use Gleim for my CPE and other certifications going forward.

Emily True
5 Stars

The Gleim Review System, most importantly, helped me stay on track studying for the CMA. Both of my CMA exams were completed and passed on schedule, within six months, and on the first attempt. With a busy work schedule, the Study Planner helped me plan according to my availability and I appreciated that it helped me plan around days I would be unable to study so that these instances didn’t cause me to fall behind. I would suggest friends to use Gleim for several reasons. The material provided the right level of detail as well as examples, problems, and study material. In addition, the website was user friendly and easy to navigate. Lastly, it was helpful to have a contact at Gleim and any inquiries were always answered very timely.

Melissa Thompson
5 Stars

I can’t say enough positive things about the Gleim system helping me pass both parts of my CMA exams on the first try. The materials and computer layout were easy to follow as a system and provided a great way to visit the material several times without feeling bored or that the studying was too repetitious. That, in conjunction with the use of a personal counselor, really made all the difference. Not only did the personal counselor assist me with any questions in regards to the best way to use the study materials provided, she also gave me the encouragement and confidence to continue when I thought the material was more than I could handle. When they say it is a proven system, they mean it and I am living proof! I would not hesitate to recommend using Gleim to study and pass the CMA exams.

Joanna Arencibia, CMA, MBA
5 Stars

Gleim came recommended to me by a friend who had used the service to prepare for and earn his CMA Certification earlier in his career, and I’m very glad I used the Gleim CMA Review System to prepare for both parts of the exam this past year. What I most appreciated about the Gleim Review System while preparing for the CMA exam is that the course study materials support all of the main learning bases: reading, writing, listening, viewing, and doing. There’s plenty of reading material in the form of the course books with practice questions, slides and PDFs, which is all explained and supported by video lectures for those who prefer to listen to or see an accounting professional explaining core concepts with their own personal examples. I found these videos to be incredibly helpful when wanting to solidify concepts or get my head around ones I struggled with. Gleim also gives its users access to a massive bank of practice essays and retired multiple choice exam questions – appropriately called the Mega Test Bank – that are very useful for learning by doing and writing. All of this in addition to a computer based Exam Rehearsal for each exam part, which helps you not only get an idea of how taking the exam will feel, but also see where you need to improve in terms of time management. As someone who prefers the self study or auto-tutorial route to learning, Gleim offered everything I knew I’d need to prepare for Parts 1 and 2. My goal was to pass each part on the first attempt, and I was able to do just that. If I had to pick one aspect of the Gleim Review System that benefited me most, I’d say it was the Mega Test Bank, particularly the multiple choice questions. I fundamentally believe in learning by doing and by making mistakes, and with so many questions available, I was able to really narrow down and focus on my weakest areas leading up to the exam. I would absolutely recommend Gleim to anyone wanting to prepare for the CMA exam and I would certainly use Gleim to fulfill my annual CMA related CPE requirements.

Ken V

The Gleim Review System helped me pass the CMA exam by preparing me with a testing environment that closely resembles the testing facility. The practice exams allowed me to fully understand the study material by educating me on the reason why I chose an incorrect answer verses the correct answer. I would definitely recommend Gleim to anyone taking the CMA exam.

Kathy Chen, CMA, Canada

Among the materials that I used, the Gleim CMA exam format is identical to the actual exam windows. This helped me to get familiar with the format of the questions and to practice questions within the time frame. I studied for about one month before my scheduled exam, and the Gleim materials helped smooth my areas of uncertainty. The multiple choice questions alone had already well-prepared me for the exam. Thanks to Gleim, I finally accomplished my goal to become a CMA!

Rujuta Chetan Rane

I would like to thank Gleim and my Personal Counselor for their excellent guidance in my studies for the CMA. The periodic timelines and encouragements were very helpful. And the Gleim study books, videos, and test exams were to the point where I could study without wasting time on unnecessary extra work. The time to time emails about my progress from my Personal Counselor helped a lot too.

Julio Damiao, CMA, PMP, Brazil

Gleim helped me save time and to better study for the CMA test. You can keep track of how you are performing, what you need to focus on, what are your weakest areas, and what you are already doing well. If you have a question, the team responsible for responding to your questions is very fast and their answers are always enriching and clarifying. I already had the opportunity to study for the PMP test using other materials, and I think that Gleim is the best solution I’ve had so far because of its easy-to-use interface and similarity with the actual test (visually and in content). The method of studying and learning each unit helped me on saving time and at the same time learning at a deeper level. You do a diagnostic quiz, then watch the Gleim Instruct Videos, read the materials, do another quiz and essay question for each study unit, and every time you receive feedback of how you are performing. I always recommend Gleim to my colleagues and friends. The CMA Review System is very comprehensive, intuitive, and designed for self-studying in an easy way. I used only Gleim materials for every study unit since the content in the study system is so complete and up-to-date.

Jacob Jarrell

The Gleim Review System benefited me in many ways, but two in particular stand out to me. First, the Gleim Review System really helped me to budget my time and set goals. Working full-time doesn’t leave me much time to cross items off my personal to-do list, but the Study Planner made it easy to visualize a real goal and figure out how I could get from Point A, just starting to study, to Point B, actually sitting for the exam. The second major benefit was the structure of the system. The flow of the studying materials keeps the entire process from becoming monotonous. You don’t just sit down and read a book for hours on end. You are actually testing what you already know, diving into the details, and then taking quizzes to really test comprehension. If a colleague or friend came to me inquiring about how to prepare for the CMA, I would absolutely recommend the Gleim Review System. The material is straight forward enough for someone like me who received a degree in finance to comprehend, but challenging enough that you will be more than ready to pass the exams. Gleim strikes a perfect balance. Maybe the best aspect of the Gleim Review System is how the quizzes and practice essays simulate the testing environment. When you get to the actual exam, you will have no surprises in regards to the process, layout, or functionality. I believe just being comfortable and confident is half the battle on exam day. I would certainly use Gleim for any other certifications I might purse down the road, and to earn CPE to keep my CMA certification active.

Amjad Barhoush, Senior Accountant

I did my CMA using Gleim, and I recommend everyone to use it. It was very helpful for me, covering all the exam material in an easy, dynamic way. What I liked the most is their online access, that in addition to the books helped me a lot. The Review Course guides you step by step to achieve your goal and earn whatever certificate you’re interested in. The question bank was also very helpful, it helped to simulate the exam environment. The Personal Counselors are very helpful when you need them. I surely recommend Gleim, and will use it again if I pursue another certificate.

Edward Quirke
5 Stars

The Gleim CMA review helped me pass both parts of the CMA! It would not have been possible without this program and their awesome team. The Gleim CMA Review offered a perfect balance of challenging questions so that there were no surprises on the actual exam. I liked the Study Plan feature, which kept me disciplined to a schedule, which is especially important when you’re a busy finance professional. It was also very helpful to practice pacing when answering questions in preparation for the real exam.

I have encouraged many others who are interested in getting the CMA certification to use Gleim CMA review. I would certainly use Gleim again if I were to ever pursue the CPA and for my CPE requirements.

Zunaira Khalid
5 Stars

I loved pretty much everything about Gleim; its cost, videos, audios, simulations, test banks, final comprehensive review, Gleim personal counselors, everything! Gleim’s team is extremely helpful and goes above and beyond to help you be successful and at ease.

Personally, I benefited a lot from Gleim’s videos and audios. Their videos are so comprehensive yet short. At the end of every video, they solve questions to help us understand the content better. The best thing about their videos and especially their audios is that you can listen to them while you are driving. There was a great match between the exam review and the actual exam. I had read the books thoroughly and that helped me a lot with the essay questions.
However, I do have one piece of advice to candidates: Do not get too hung up on the test bank questions; you definitely do not want to memorize them. Your focus must be on the mastery of the content. The test bank questions are a great way for you to practice and get familiarized. Every question in the Gleim test bank comes with a great explanation; that explanation also helps you a lot in understanding the concepts.

I felt extremely happy when I passed both parts of my CMA exam. You have to wait for about 2 months for your results, and that wait period was extremely hard; however, the reward was in my Pass score. I am using Gleim right now for my CPA exam; I plan to pass all the 4 sections of the CPA exam by this December. After I pass my CPA exam, I will use Gleim for the CIA exam, and I have already recommended Gleim to my colleagues as well as to my students.

Fernando Portes
5 Stars

When my company pushed for a certification and selected CMA, we found the program content to be very attractive and enhancing. However, being a non-native English speaker has brought forward an additional difficulty. This is where the Gleim Review System became very instrumental in preparing me for the exams. Not only does the material offer a great deal of concepts and knowledge in a concise and productive way, it helps to effectively plan the hours of study and the necessary practice to timely address the exam questions. Also, being able to properly simulate the testing environment added to the level of confidence and preparation required to successfully perform on the exams. I highly recommend the Gleim Review System.

Colleen Nissell, CMA
5 Stars

The Gleim CMA Review System was the perfect program to guide me through my study plan. My favorite part of the system was the test bank. I liked being able to let the system choose my weak areas and continually test me on those areas until I had a better understanding. I tended to focus on the areas that I was good at, but knew I really needed to tackle those more difficult topics. The Gleim Review System makes it easy to study no matter where you are. I listened to the audio lectures when I was commuting, and viewed the visual tutorials at home and during breaks at work. I could not have passed the two part exam without the Gleim Review System and highly recommend it to any CMA candidate. I will continue to use Gleim to obtain my CPE credits and also if I choose to pursue future certifications.

Qiaosui Wu
5 Stars

I am 37 years old, I haven’t tried to learn and pass any exam for over 10 years, and I am very busy with my job and looking after my daughter. I am not very clever, only in the middle and usually only study around 3 hours per day. But I did pass both parts the first time, and I only reviewed around 3 months per part, with scores at 410 and 420. I only followed the Gleim online instructions and I am very grateful for my results. Thanks a million to all of the Gleim staff.

Robert Bornstein
5 Stars

The Gleim materials accurately reflected the information that was tested on the exam and were extremely thorough. Even the practice questions were a little more challenging than the actual exam, which really put me in a great position to succeed. The online exam prep materials are laid out in a very clear and user-friendly manner, making it easy to study and track my progress along the way. Additionally, all the personal counselors were very kind and supportive with any questions I had.

Junnior Dishmey
5 Stars

Where do I start? This has been an amazing experience. This study material is so thorough and so detailed, it leaves no stone unturned. The study platform and the format in which the questions are presented are an exact replica of the actual CMA exam. Unbelievable experience. I passed both parts of the CMA using this material and I know for a fact there is nothing better out there that could come close to Gleim’s prep material. I am very pleased with my results. Very pleased with the prep course and the support I got throughout this process. Thank you. A customer for life.

Mai. Abdelazim , CMA

I found the material very useful and straight to the point. What I liked the most is the huge amount of preparation questions that are available for every single chapter. Personally, I benefited from Gleim Review System and its exam preparation techniques as well as the amazing personal counselors who were always available to provide me with advice and help me whenever I needed help. I also can’t forget the experts who helped me when I needed any clarification. So, I strongly recommend the Gleim material to whoever thinks about becoming a CMA. I will keep using the Gleim Review System for my CPE Hours.

Michele Ferrantino, CMA

I like the way the course was structured. Basically, all of the units are well covered and explained in an easy way. Going through each section, you get the necessary knowledge and confidence to face the exam. Thanks to being able to access the study material via the internet, I could practice easily and I did not need to bring the books with me. Even more, it helped me to measure both my study and my progress. Yes, I would recommend it the Gleim course. I think it is useful support to get ready for the exam. For me the Personal Counselors are the “human part” of Gleim, and as such they are an important value added that Gleim provides.

Morgan Ziemer

Using the Gleim CMA Review, I passed both sections of the CMA exam on the first try. I liked how the content was broken up in to units, and sub-units within each unit, allowing me to target my specific needs and utilize my time well. I studied smart rather than hard. I would recommend the Gleim Review System to anyone taking the CMA exam. Currently, I am using the Gleim Review System to prepare for the CPA exam, and feel confident that I will succeed. The Gleim Review System takes the hard work and planning out of studying. Thank you!

Tyson S., CMA

The online Review Course was essential to me passing on the first try. The multiple choice quizzes gave me a great feel for the testing environment that I encountered during examination, both from a look and feel to learning time management which is critical for the exams. Gleim’s Review Course is totally customizable, which I loved. The system lets you pick and choose what to test on while also directing you to your weaker areas as you go through the program. I would recommend the Gleim Review System to everyone who wants to take the CMA exam. The Review System is worth its weight in gold when preparing for the CMA. I would definitely return to Gleim for testing or educational needs in the future!

Deepak Nagpal, CMA

The Gleim material was pivotal in my success and I cannot thank you enough! I was able to clear both parts of the exam on my first attempt and in the same window! The combination of offline reading material, audio courses to listen to when traveling, and the vast online Test Prep helped me immensely! The approach of breaking out the study material into smaller modules/sub-sections works really well. The ability of the Test Prep to create tests based on your ‘weaker’ areas is a great feature. Finally, the study planner helped me stay on track by sending me regular notifications on modules that were due. Overall, Gleim is an excellent package and I would recommend it to anyone aspiring to be a CMA!

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