EA Testimonials

What our customers have to say about Gleim study materials.
(All letters, emails, and comments are reprinted with permission.)

January, 2015
When I first started to prepare for the Enrolled Agent exam, I wanted to only use books instead of a full review course. After all, I had worked in the tax industry for 17 years. However, despite my experience, it didn't take long to become overwhelmed by all the information. Gleim came highly recommended as a self-study course, and after checking out the free demo, I saw that that their review system would be highly beneficial. The materials were very thorough and even covered information I never would have thought to focus on on my own. Gleim is well worth the investment; I passed all three parts of the Enrolled Agent exam on the first try. My personal counselor was wonderful! We communicated regularly and she was very encouraging while I prepared for my exams. Anyone that is thinking about sitting for the Enrolled Agent exam should use the Gleim study course; I highly recommend it!
Jan Wilson, EA

January, 2015
Gleim provided a systematic plan for me, which included a complete and thorough process for passing the EA exam. I could never have developed such a plan on my own. Gleim took a large amount of subject matter and broke it down into comprehensive study units. The step by step process allowed me to absorb and retain the information in a very time efficient matter. Furthermore, the ability to consult with a personal counselor was an invaluable benefit. This provided me with the confidence to sit for the exam. I would not hesitate to recommend Gleim to anyone. They provided a superior study system at a very reasonable cost. After having had such success with Gleim, I look forward to using them for my Continuing Professional Education.
Andrew Brownlow