EA Testimonials

What our customers have to say about Gleim study materials.
(All letters, emails, and comments are reprinted with permission.)

July, 2015
A friend of mine recommended that I use Gleim to study for my EA exam. He already passed the EA exam, so I did not think twice and signed up. Gleim has really put together an excellent program. I really enjoyed the audios (I can listen to it everywhere), the videos (excellent for me since I am a visual person), and that I was able to learn to answer the questions in 1.5 minutes. This really gave me an advantage since the average time in the real test is 2.5 minutes per question. I passed all 3 parts on my first try. All I can say is that, by following your instructions in the booklet, “How to Pass the EA exam”, there is no way that someone can not achieve the EA status. Deciding to get the EA status is the best decision I have ever made. Of course I will be using Gleim for my CE credits! In fact, I currently have one daughter studying Gleim for the EA Exam and my youngest daughter is also using Gleim for the CPA!
A. Nava, EA

July, 2015
Last year I purchased my Gleim Review System and passed Part 1 easily. However, after going over the Part 2 review book, I was not sure if I wanted to continue to go through hours of studying. In May of this year I received an email from my Personal Counselor asking me if I want to continue my review. I gave it a lot of thought and finally said I will. I studied Part 2 using both the Gleim Review Book and the practice exams. I took my exam and passed! Oh, what a big relief and joy. I was so inspired by passing that I went ahead and reviewed Part 3. The Gleim Review Book and practice exams were so awesome for Part 3. I took my exam and passed it with flying colors. Gleim prepared me so well that I only missed a couple of questions. I am now an Enrolled Agent, enrolled to practice before the Internal Revenue Service. I want to thank my Personal Counselor, who was supportive every time I called, as well as the great Gleim Review System that made this possible. My advice: study hard using the Gleim Review System, persevere, and believe in yourself.
Estela Arciaga, EA