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More candidates pass the Enrolled Agent exam with Gleim than any other review provider.

More Enrolled Agents choose us because anyone can pass with Gleim EA Review—whether you’re a seasoned professional or studying US Tax Code for the very first time! When you get Gleim, you get everything you need to pass packaged in a convenient and easy-to-use course. But you don’t have to take our word for it.

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Gleim Enrolled Agent Prep Course Reviews

Radhakrishnan Kalyanasundaram, EA
5 Stars

This was the second time I used Gleim Review System to pass a professional exam like the EA. The first time was the CPA exam and I passed all parts in one sitting, in the year of 1981. The Gleim Review System is an easy to comprehend, step-by-step method that made me pass all parts of the EA exam in a single sitting in the current year. I used the online method of questions and answers to practice for the exam while I used the book to study for the exam. Based on my experiences with Gleim’s products, I sincerely recommend the Gleim Review System for any prospective candidate appearing for the CPA, CMA, CIA or EA exams and I will continue to use Gleim CPE courses to meet my CPE credit requirement for my professional tax practice before the IRS.

Cecillia Lau
5 Stars

I am so excited that I managed to pass all three parts of the Enrolled Agent Exam in less than a year. The Gleim study material was the reason why I passed these three parts in less than a year. The study material is very well organized. I liked the flexibility on how to use the study material. The fact that I could listen or take the practice quiz anywhere made it extremely flexible for me. The material is the best because it helps you understand the concepts and explained answers to questions. Getting an answer correct is not what matters but understanding why, and Gleim does this in a simple, sophisticated way. This is very important when it comes to the exam day because I walked in confident that I had studied and understood the concepts needed to pass the exam. In addition, my Personal Counselor was a huge support to me and thus the reason for my success. I reached out and she was professional, supportive and guided me in the correct study path. The Gleim study material and counselors are the best and I would refer this product to my friends and colleagues!

Naomi Mills, EA
5 Stars

My experience with Gleim was absolutely wonderful! Every question I had, my personal counselor answered. I bought the program with the Access Until You Pass guarantee in 2015 and was so thankful I did as I have had 3 major family tragedies, one being the month after I purchased Gleim. I had trouble being motivated to study and appreciated my personal counselor’s encouragement. I have referred Gleim to many people and specifically have mentioned my personal counselors guidance on my EA path.

Dianna Langley
5 Stars

Gleim helped me achieve my goal after changing careers 2.5 years ago. My new employer didn’t require me to become an Enrolled Agent but encouraged it, so I enrolled in the Gleim course and began studying in May 2018. The study planner kept me on track to realizing my goals and the course material was outstanding. I was so nervous going into my first test in October, but after the first 10 questions, I sheepishly glanced around the testing room to see if I was being pranked. The questions seemed so easy. I suddenly realized that Gleim had more than adequately prepared me for this test.

With that confidence and a passing grade, I studied for and completed the second exam 3 months later, and the final exam was taken 3 weeks after that.

I could have tried any other review to prepare for the Enrolled Agent exam, but Gleim had the best preparation material, awesome coaching support, study planner aids and practice exams, all at a reasonable price.

I would recommend Gleim wholeheartedly to anyone needing an organized and regimented study course. Gleim helps you succeed effortlessly with the tools and unparalleled support they offer.

Jerry McHugh
5 Stars

The Gleim process is very thorough, very comprehensive, and at a high-caliber level to meet the task at hand – which is passing the EA exam. I knew very little about doing ‘taxes’ before I did the Gleim review course – and now I know a whole lot more. My estimate is that Gleim properly prepared me for 90 to 95% of the questions posed on my EA exam.

I consider that the EA exam topics covered were beyond my expectations of what could be covered in such a review course. More importantly, Gleim provides what I feel is a solid foundation of all aspects of the IRS taxation process so that learning and understanding of future IRS taxation materials (e.g., publications, forms, taxation issues) can proceed with confidence. My opinion, after passing all three parts of the IRS EA Exam the first time is that others can certainly do it if they achieve well on the practice exams (which for me was doing nearly all of the problems).

My Personal Counselor did a very nice job getting back to me on my questions – she not only provided direct answers, but also added other very helpful comments.

Jaunett Porter, EA

By the time I took the exam, the questions on the exam were very familiar. The exam seemed like some of the easier Gleim practice questions. I spoke with one of the personal counselors who helped analyze the trends in my study patterns. She gave me a lot of confidence and hope. I passed on the first try.

Jesse Lowe

I could not have passed all three exams in one sitting without Gleim. The Gleim Review System is an invaluable tool, well worth the money! I would recommend this program to anyone who is serious about passing the exams. My Personal Counselor gave me excellent support. On a scale of one to ten, she deserves a twenty.

Keith York

I could not have passed my EA exam without having studied using the Gleim review process. I always felt over-prepared after each testing phase. The actual exam felt easier than the practice material.

Bob Stauffer

The blend of book and online study aids creates a diversified learning platform. The multiple-choice question test bank was the very effective review and learning tool I needed. I really liked using the multiple-choice question test bank to review practice questions while getting immediate feedback, not only if my answer was correct or not but the reason why the answer was correct or not. For me that feedback immediately helped me identify learning gaps. The adaptive quiz testing function was the evaluation tool which communicated the study areas which I needed to focus more on to be successful. Nothing compares to the relieve and sheer joy of finishing the IRS SEE exam at a testing center and receiving the “you passed” notification. I strongly recommend the Gleim Review System. If you make the time commitment to study with the tools provided you have given yourself an opportunity to pass your IRS SEE exam too.

Li Sun

My name is Li Sun and I am from China. I have never touched US tax before and English is my second language. The Gleim Review System is extremely helpful. I passed all the exams the first time I took them. I really like the way the Gleim Review System functions. The audio presentations and lectures helped me understand the content of each chapter. The design of focus and multiple choice questions were very practical. I did well on the exams just by following the Gleim Review System. Additionally, I really appreciated my personal counselor’s help. She solved all my issues and queries during my studies. I would definitely recommend the Gleim Review System to anyone who wants to work on their EA.

John T Vonesh, CMA, EA

When I made the decision to seek the EA certification I researched study guides and found that Gleim offered assistance for the EA exam. I really like the systematic approach Gleim guides you through on each chapter with multiple tests along the way. I was able to pass each of the 3 parts of the exam on the first try. I would recommend the Gleim system to anyone. The combination of textbook and computer study guides as well as the ability to test yourself along the way are very helpful. I used the study planner to keep pace with my personal timeline, and the performance analysis helps show where you are strong and where to concentrate extra effort for weak areas.

More Reviews From Candidates Just Like You

Joan Bowman
5 Stars

Gleim truly over-prepares candidates for the exams. It is for people who are gearing up to enter another industry or prepare to be excellent in their field. Gleim helps candidates not only pass but also to have a pretty good understanding of the industry as a whole. What a fringe benefit! Consider this a quick industry course as well. My personal counselor helped me along the way by providing helpful feedback. The strategy the counselor implemented in assisting me as a candidate when I was nervous, uncertain, and confused was spot on and extremely beneficial.

Natal Irwan
5 Stars

Gleim Review System is the best system for people who are very busy with their works. Gleim allowed me to use their system until I passed all parts of IRS Special Enrollment Examination without any additional costs. Gleim provided me with simple, comprehensive and compact learning tools to pursue an Enrolled Agent certification granted by Internal Revenue Service. Gleim also provided a personal counselor who helped me a lot by answering questions and monitoring my study schedule. Their reminders helped drive me back to my own studying plan whenever I have almost forgotten due to my works as an accountant in New York City. That’s why I am so grateful to Gleim who made it possible for me to be an Enrolled Agent within 2 years of studying.

Rekha Sharma, EA
5 Stars

I was recommended to use Gleim for my EA exams by a colleague. Using Gleim for the EA exam was great. I ordered the Premium EA Review System which was excellent. It had everything I needed to pass all three exams the first time. The material and website was so easy to use. It had hundreds of test questions to go through covering every aspect of the syllabus. It made sure you had all the knowledge you needed to pass the exams. My personal counselor was a great support throughout the exams. The help and advice given to me was wonderful. I was able to contact my Personal Counselor and I would always get a prompt response. I would definitely recommend Gleim to anyone who is studying for the EA and will certainly be using Gleim for my Continuing Professional Education.

Roberto Alas
5 Stars

Gleim has the complete package for the EA review. It is very updated and all the practice exams that you can take to measure your knowledge will measure if you are ready to go to the next unit. Great material if you already had experience in tax preparation and tax law. Gleim review has helped me in reaching my goal and preparing me to pass the EA exams. Gleim helped me a lot and prepared me very well to pass the exams.


In 8 months I went from a complete tax novice to passing all three sections of the SEE on the first try. If you follow the system, and put in the time and effort, you should pass the exams, too. I would recommend Gleim to anyone studying for a vocational exam. I am living proof that it’s an effective system, and for me, it will more than pay for itself within a year’s time. Thank you, Gleim!

Ann M Magie

The Gleim Review System provided structure to my exam preparation, including a mechanism for managing study time to ensure completion prior to the target exam dates. I liked how the Test Prep is set up exactly like the real test environment. The questions are very similar to the questions presented on the actual exam. I also liked having a Personal Counselor to encourage me and to keep me accountable to meet my desired timeline. The Gleim Suggested Steps work. Keep up the momentum and you will succeed! I would use Gleim for any similar certification – their process works!

Alex Altidor

I am glad and excited to let you know that I passed all three parts of the EA Exam! I want to thank Gleim for its tremendous support. The materials were excellent, easy to understand, and very accessible. I was able to access the materials remotely from anywhere: My car, my phone, my house… I mean from ANYWHERE! I did not need any other materials to pass the exam. I would not hesitate a second to refer the Gleim materials to anyone!

David Cleaver-Bartholomew, EA

The Gleim Review System was very helpful in a number of ways. First, it pulled together and put into an organized fashion the huge amount of material that one must try to digest and understand. Second, the online quizzes were of great value in testing one’s knowledge and in giving me accurate corrections so that you could learn from incorrect answers. Third, the size of the test bank was valuable because I didn’t run out of new questions to be tested on. Fourth, the practice exam was very helpful in identifying areas to concentrate on in my final preparations. I would absolutely tell a friend to use the Gleim Review System to prepare for the EA exam, especially if that friend did not have a lot of previous experience in taxation. There is just too much information that one needs to know to be able to pass the exams without getting some help. While a person may have experience in individual taxation, s/he still needs to pass exams in business taxation and representation, and the Gleim system can be very helpful with these exams. Given my career preferences, I would consider using Gleim materials to prepare for the CPA and/or CMA exams.

Raquel Thompson, EA

The Gleim program is simply the best system on the market with their comprehensive approach. Gleim goes further by offering a personalized study plan allowing the student to customize study time on a calendar. I found this to be an excellent resource for keeping me on track. Last but not least, I cannot articulate enough how my Personal Counselor made a difference for me. She was outstanding! She offered great guidance and suggestions on how to review the material in a different way when I became stuck or simply felt like I was out of options on how to study. Her insight and knowledge made the difference. Gleim has the best approach for success; I can truly attest to this fact. I passed all three exams on the first try!!!! I cannot say enough about the great staff that I worked with, their professionalism and personable attitude really gave me the confidence to stick to the program. I would highly recommend the Gleim system to anyone looking to pass the EA exam. Gleim offers the best tools for success period!!! The money I spent for all of the materials was money well spent and I would not take one penny back!

CR Wallace, Sacramento

I just passed the final part of the Special Enrollment Examination – in fact, by using the Gleim Review System, I passed all three parts on the first attempt. The Gleim Review System was absolutely the best option for giving me the best overall preparation for these Exams! Even though I work in a CPA office, we have specialties and so I don’t have experience in all the areas covered by the exam. The Gleim materials were instrumental in broadening my knowledge, but also honing skills and knowledge in areas that I was already familiar. I was able to study at both home and work and with or without a computer. Plus I could set up a schedule that worked for me. There’s so much information to be learned; there’s no way I could have prepared for the exams on my own. How would I have known what to focus on? How in depth? I would heartily recommend the Gleim Review System to anyone that wants to get an overview; deepen their understanding; or take the fear out of the examination process. I knew that I had done my “due diligence” and could walk in far more confidently because Gleim truly prepared me and if you use it the way they’ve designed it, you’ll be prepared too. Thanks, Gleim and to all the staff that have been so helpful to answer questions along the way.

Kathleen M. Smychynsky, EA
5 Stars

The Gleim EA Review System was very helpful in my preparation for the three-part Enrolled Agent exam. I liked the chapter quizzes because it gives explanations to answers. I found this especially helpful as it would explain why the answer was correct or incorrect and give excellent examples. The diagnostic quizzes were very helpful as well, as it gave you a guideline for the areas you needed to focus on most when studying. They also have Personal Counselors that keep you on track and encourage you along the way, which I also thought was a big help! I enjoyed using the various study methods such as audiovisual presentations, audio lectures, and focus questions because I could customize my study plan specifically to the methods I found most helpful. This is a great way to target different types of learners or just to mix it up while studying! When prepping for the exams, I found it very helpful that you could choose the areas you wanted to focus on more for the practice exams, as it allowed you to skip over areas that you had already mastered! Using Gleim gave me the tools and background necessary to study and pass all three exams on my first attempt. You could say I am a very happy customer and I would recommend their study guides for anyone planning to test in the future!

Keith Espinoza, EA
5 Stars

I had purchased other EA review courses before, but just couldn’t get into them. After I purchased Gleim I began my review. Fourteen weeks later I have those beautiful two letters after my name! If anything, Gleim over-prepared me for the exams. I passed all three parts on the first try. I like the additional workload since I will use the knowledge in my practice. Gleim works you into tip-top shape. When you step into that exam room at Prometric you feel like a finely-tuned athlete ready to execute your game plan.

Kevin T.
5 Stars

The study material and questions were very indicative of what was actually on the EA exam. Of the material that was covered, Gleim fully prepared me for each part of the exam. I felt confident with the quality of the study material and would use them again in the future. It is top-notch and the questions are realistic and practical for the testing experience. The quality and content is what matters, and that’s where Gleim shines better than any other competitor. By following their system of reading, listening, and answering/interpreting the questions and answers, I was able to pass without any issues with minimal tax experience.

Mary P.
5 Stars

In 8 months I went from a complete tax novice to passing all three sections of the SEE on the first try. If you follow the system, and put in the time and effort, you should pass the exams, too. I would recommend Gleim to anyone studying for a vocational exam. I am living proof that it’s an effective system, and for me, it will more than pay for itself within a year’s time. Thank you, Gleim!

Cathryn Schmid

Between having been out of school for many years and my hectic work schedule, I wasn’t sure if I could ever find time to study and pass the EA exam. With little self-confidence, I enrolled in the Gleim EA study program. The review allowed me to study at my own pace and take the exams when I was ready. The study materials and practice tests accurately reflected the questions and content that would be on the exam and helped me become more confident. I passed all three parts on the first try! I will always be grateful for this study program, and I recommend Gleim to anyone who is interested in pursuing a certification. Thank you, Gleim!

Sahrish Ali

I want my fellow candidates to know that Gleim really prepares you well, and by well I mean it has the BEST resources! The audio lectures made it extremely easy and convenient for me to access the course all the time, even while I was driving. Also, the personal counselors were always an email or call away with anything I needed. I used Gleim for the EA certification starting back in April of 2016, and I passed all three parts on my first attempt in less than 9 months. Gleim not only prepares you for the test, but it actually prepares you for real life. I would highly recommend Gleim to anyone.

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