Success Stories
Gleim Review System is a focused, time-saving, and excellent study material, hands down! -

Sanjay Gokhale, CIA
The guides are easy to digest and make great reference points when used with the online questions. The online question database is the key to passing ... [cont.]

Traci Wright, CIA
I passed the CIA exams with the aid of the Gleim review system. The Gleim learning method was very effective in helping me acquire essential knowledge ... [cont.]

Amy Wong, CIA
I passed CIA exams using the Gleim materials. The Gleim Review System benefited me personally in many ways. The study planner helped me to come up with ... [cont.]

Venkata Bendapudi, CIA
The course outline and the test prep were very useful- they allowed for efficient preparation for the CIA exams. It took me three weeks to study and pass ... [cont.]

Wendy S, CPA, CMA, CIA
The Gleim Review System was amazing and was vital in my preparation for the CIA exams. Using Gleim I successfully passing all three parts on the first ... [cont.]

Maurice Jones, CIA, CFE, MBA
The Gleim Review System allowed me to work at my own pace in a format that was conducive to my learning style. The Audio lectures were great for listening ... [cont.]

Antionette Sehon, CPA
The Gleim review system was amazing! It is extremely well thought out and designed to not only help you understand the information you need to pass the ... [cont.]

Dale V. Jones, CIA
I passed all parts of the CIA exam on the first try thanks to Gleim! I was able to create an effective study plan based on Gleim online, Gleim's practice ... [cont.]

Rachel Howell, CIA
I would like to thank all the great team at Gleim. Now I get the CIA designation and the CMA certification with Gleim. It gave me all confidence that I ... [cont.]

Alaa Bakr, CIA, CMA
I am writing this review because I am one of those people who are skeptical about reviews, I decided to give It a try after reading the success stories, ... [cont.]

Dan Ssozi, CIA, CPA
I purchased the Gleim Review System to prepare for (and pass!) Part III of the CIA exam, and what a fantastic system! ... [cont.]

Scott Harmon, CIA, Afghanistan
If you want to become a CIA, Gleim is the way to go! I followed the study steps suggested by Gleim full kit study materials and passed ALL 3 exams from ... [cont.]

Silvia Caraman
I had been studying with a competitor's review materials for several months but only started using Gleim materials and questions about a month before ... [cont.]

Erin Mire, CIA
I have passed the last part of my CIA examination today and have qualified as a CIA. I have passed the CMA, CPA ... [cont.]

Ramakrishna(Ram) Vasudevan, CIA, CMA
I found Gleim very convenient, very easy to understand, especially with the additional audio explanations and text ... [cont.]

Ivana Mathias, CPA, CIA, Canada
When I decided to become certified, a colleague recommended Gleim and so I used Gleim review books and test prep ... [cont.]

Tania Costain, CIA, CGAP, Canada
I passed part 1, 2 and CCSA. Part 3 gave me a little trouble and I also tried material from a competitor, but went ... [cont.]

Ajay Goli, CIA, CCSA, South Africa
As one who decided later in her career that it was important to sit for the Certified Internal Auditor exam, I turned to the name that I trusted and got ... [cont.]

Sara Mikuta
I used the Gleim system to prepare for the CIA exam. It took me about 60 days from the time I started to pass the exams. The online tutorials and tests ... [cont.]

Bart Zaiger
Thank you again for your CIA online review product. I've really enjoyed while preparing the exams with it, and, ... [cont.]

Andrey Zakharov, CIA, CISA, Russia
Thank you for the study material for the CIA certification. I passed CIA 1 and CIA 2 and I'm currently studying ... [cont.]

Valeria Laspina, CIA Candidate, Italy
For me, the most beneficial component of the Gleim Review System were the practice exams. The feedback provided by the practice exams helped me to better ... [cont.]

Edwin Alcantara, CIA
I am very happy to inform you that I passed the last part of the 4-part CIA exam (part 3) and obtained my CIA certification. ... [cont.]

Abdirahman Mohamud, CPA, CIA, CRMA, Saudi Arabia
The Gleim system helped me pass the new exam in the three part format in less than three months while working full time. The layout of the materials and ... [cont.]

Leslie M.
I have finally completed all four parts of the CIA exam and finally became a Certified Internal Auditor. Throughout ... [cont.]

Firat Gulenc, Istanbul, Turkey
Two weeks ago I took successfully my last CIA exam (part IV) and obtained my CIA designation. To a great extent, ... [cont.]

Ivelina Georgieva, CIA, Bulgaria
I used the Gleim Review course for parts 2, 3 and 4 of the CIA and passed on the first try. I'm 37, married with children and working full time in addition ... [cont.]

Jaime Castellanos
I think clearing exams on the first attempt says it all about the quality of Gleim study materials. I have noted that one needs to just follow step by ... [cont.]

Nalin Mistry, CIA, Oman
Thank you for all the help and assist throughout the last few months. I have passed all 3 parts of the new 3-Part CIA modules with the first attempt within ... [cont.]

Heinrich Joodt, Namibia
I really thing that the Gleim Review System Is a very effective CIA exam preparation tool. I have used it to prepare ... [cont.]

Lubomir Todorov, CFE, CIA, Bulgaria
The Gleim Review System is ideal for busy professionals. The system allows you to focus on areas where you need ... [cont.]

Stephanie Coache, CPA, CA, CIA, CRMA, Quebec Canada
I passed the CIA exam - all parts, first time I took them. Thanks to Gleim's EXCELLENT review materials!!!

Sarah Bee- MBA, CIA. Senior Lecturer, Seattle University
The Gleim system provided a structured, comprehensive study plan that enabled me to pass the CIA exam on the first attempt. I would recommend it to anyone ... [cont.]

Anthony Smith
Gleim is awesome! Having a personal counselor to consult with as needed was extremely helpful, especially when deciding on a study schedule. The materials ... [cont.]

Donnetta Hanson
Thank you, Gleim! I passed all parts of the CIA exam using only Gleim material. Following your recommended method of study was key to my success on the ... [cont.]

Levi Dickerson
I have passed the 4th and final CIA exam as of yesterday. I used the CIA Gleim certification study guides to accomplish this task and though I did it gradually, ... [cont.]

Sam Lisuzzo
Recently, I took the CIA exam and passed. I was so comfortable during the exam that I had seen everything in the Gleim review material. Nothing was out ... [cont.]

Rahul Singh, CIA
I have used Gleim material for my CIA exams and have passed all parts on the first time. Gleim has the most comprehensive collection of questions. I would ... [cont.]

Ahmed Ayad, CIA, Australia
The Gleim material is very flexible and user-friendly, what one needs when using Gleim study material to understand ... [cont.]

Christopher Hankwembo, CIA, Zambia
I found the Gleim study materials to be comprehensive, motivational, and fun. In particular, my success in passing Part 3 of the CIA exam was in large ... [cont.]

Joe Lynch
Just letting you know I passed all CIA Exam parts with the wonderful assistance of the Gleim study system. I'm now a CIA. Thanks for all your help! If ... [cont.]

Gerard J. Kroll, CIA, CGAP
I successfully passed my CIA exam in November 2011 and your review materials were of invaluable assistance to me. The books were very well designed and ... [cont.]

Henri Dilli, CIA, Germany
The Gleim Study System was so easily comprehensible that even complex topics could be understood easily. I used ... [cont.]

Hamphroy Francis, CIA, Jamaica
I used Gleim for Parts 1, 2 and 3 of the CIA program. By using their materials and following their study plan, I was able to complete all 3 parts successfully ... [cont.]

Colin Williston, CA, CIA
The Gleim System for Success equips CIA candidates with a timeline for preparation based on the number of hours dedicated per week, a structured approach ... [cont.]

Nicole Dove, CIA, CRMA
With some hard work and lots of repetition in my studying style, Gleim provided me with an excellent framework for me to learn and practice the material, ... [cont.]

Caterina V.
The Gleim material was very representative of the examination. Also, I found the organization of the material to ... [cont.]

Pat Patten, CIA, CISA, CRMA, William S. Smith Certificate of Honors Award recipient
After an unsuccessful challenge to Part II of the CIA exams, my supervisor recommended the Gleim review program to me. I've used the Gleim review to complete ... [cont.]

Joe Kelemen, CIA
First I would like to thank you very much and the members of Gleim for the valuable support I have had during my studies for the CIA. I completely rely ... [cont.]

Gleim helped me prepare for the CIA exam because of great study questions, very similar to those in the test. One of the great advantages of Gleim is the ... [cont.]

Nelson Moreno, CIA
Thank you so much! I followed the Gleim process exactly, and it was very helpful. Once I completed all the sections I used the test prep software to review ... [cont.]

Sarah Price, CIA
I am very grateful to the Gleim team for their support over the last 6 months. I decided to take the CIA exam as part of my development plan and committed ... [cont.]

Nicolas Roth, Australia
The Gleim material was recommended to me by several colleagues. The structure helped to guide my studies, ensuring that I used study time to the fullest. ... [cont.]

Kailyn H.D.
Previously, I was using a competitor's program and failed twice. Then, I changed to Gleim and bought the Test Prep Software. I really don't have much time ... [cont.]

Siti Rahmah, CIA, Malaysia
I tried other study materials, but my real success came with the use of Gleim. The materials are exceptionally well organized and the ability to create ... [cont.]

Kerry Bailey, CIA, CPA
I have used the Gleim review courses to study for both the CPA and CIA exams, and they were instrumental in helping me pass each part of both exams on ... [cont.]

David Edwards, CIA
Thanks for your assistance throughout my preparation for the exam. I must say Gleim materials was more than sufficient ... [cont.]

Gbenga Babatunde, CIA, Nigeria
Gleim material is designed with utmost attention to detail which provides high level of conceptual clarity to the candidate. It also distinguishes itself ... [cont.]

Vikrant Tanksale, CIA, Oman
Gleim materials were of high professional quality and the software is user friendly. It is thorough in content ... [cont.]

Ramesh Lakshmanan, ACA, ACMA, CIA, CMA
I have used Gleim review course to pass both the CMA and CIA exams. Perfect course - just what you need to pass!!!

Tarek Bastami
Personally I felt that Gleim materials are very informative and precise. In addition, there is a feature to analyze my weaknesses and help me to focus ... [cont.]

Marco Lee, Malaysia
I am very glad that I chose Gleim Review System; thanks to my mentor, who has been a CIA for many years. I met her a year ago and expressed my interest ... [cont.]

The Gleim Review System changed my life. Prior to the Gleim Review System, I was studying an extensive number of ... [cont.]

Heather Lucas, CPA, CUCE, CTGA
I used the Gleim review system to complete Parts 1-3 of the CIA (I had Part 4 recognition and didn't need to take that part). With the Gleim system, I ... [cont.]

Gerard Kroll
I appreciate the excellent support and service by Gleim. Gleim review materials itself provides a complete reference and insight required for the examination ... [cont.]

Sarath Kumar
I have used other materials for my CIA exam prep and unfortunately I was not successful on the exam. I switched over to Gleim as a last ditch effort. I ... [cont.]

Della J.
The good thing about Gleim materials is the Practice Exam focus. I was able to complete all the parts on my first attempt despite having very limited study ... [cont.]

Patrick Katuruza, CIA
The Gleim Review System was exactly what I needed to pass the CIA exam. It provides structure to your study plan and allows for flexibility with a busy ... [cont.]

Amanda Barnhart, CIA
With profound gratitude and a deep seated appreciation, I wish to inform you that I passed the CIA Part 1 examination. At first I thought all the testimonies ... [cont.]

Chinedu Umechukwu, Nigeria
I was completing part 3 of the CIA whilst on parental leave and I wanted to get the exam finished before I went ... [cont.]

Natalie Barrett, CIA, New Zealand
The Gleim product and materials were helpful in assisting me to pass my 3 parts (didn't need to take 4th part) all on the 1st time. I would recommend ... [cont.]

Jamie Majerus, CPA, CFE, CIA
I have passed all four parts of the CIA exams within the period of three months all thanks to GLEIM Review. The ... [cont.]

Innocent Khumbudzo Tshiruruvhela, South Africa
I liked the Gleim System because I was able to study anytime, anywhere through their website. The study materials allow you to focus on weaknesses, was ... [cont.]

Vivian Portunato
I feel really prepared to the test; it was not difficult. The test felt like a normal study session, just easier! Thanks Gleim!

Nelson Moreno
I would like to thank Gleim for the wealth of studying material that was provided with the CIA Gleim Review System. I found the Review System to be thorough ... [cont.]

Karen Chin, Specialist, CIA
I've used other materials and I think Gleim has been the best by far. The test questions and materials more closely match those on the actual test.

Christian Riley
I just took my exam this morning and PASSED! I followed the Gleim plan by the book and felt very confident walking into the test. Gleim makes learning ... [cont.]

Andrea Eaton-Jackson
Gleim Review System really helped a lot. I tried to answer the questions on the software after studying every unit. It was never a burden to study or to ... [cont.]

Murat Gunaydin, CIA
I LOVE Gleim!!!! Nothing else compares to the quality of my study materials with Gleim.

Jovanne Hughes
I used the Gleim materials for my CIA exams and found it extremely useful, easy to understand and a great value ... [cont.]

Lakesha Ross-Duncan CIA, ACCA
I passed Parts 1 and 2 of the CIA exam thanks to Gleim. I bought the complete set of Gleim review materials and just followed their advice. I can tell ... [cont.]

Witikind N'Dri
One of the critical elements for successfully completing a certification program is choosing the right exam preparation ... [cont.]

Abdel Latif E. Salih - CIA, CMA & MBA
I found the Gleim Review System, mainly the Audio parts and the on-line tests very helpful. I was listening to ... [cont.]

Vladimir Gonda, CIA, Slovakia
This review course really helped me focus my study sessions on what was important and relevant to pass this part of the CIA exam. I feel very strongly ... [cont.]

Gerard Kroll
One of the critical elements for successfully completing a certification program is choosing the right exam prep ... [cont.]

Robert Crow, CPA, CMA, CFM, CIA
I just passed the CIA Exam with Gleim and wanted to say thank you for your support, and the study materials which I found very valuable.

Norbert Tschakert, Ph.D., CPA, CFE, CFF, CITP, Salem State University
The course materials are to the point. They help you to focus only on the relevant material and to finish in less time.

Praveen Jha
For my CIA and CMA I used only the Gleim products. Believe me, if you use Gliem, you won't need any other reading ... [cont.]

Dewan Mohammad Ziaul Hasan, CIA, Canada
I am delighted to report on my great experience with your excellent CIA Review materials. I successfully passed the CIA Exam in November 2011 and your ... [cont.]

Henri Dilli, CIA, Germany
I passed all parts of the CIA exams on the first try during the last 10 months. Gleim has been instrumental in my success and I would like to recommend ... [cont.]

Dion Mc Donald, EA, CIA
I wanted to extend a sincere thanks to the Gleim team & their materials for helping me pass the CIA Exam! The materials ... [cont.]

Mohammed Zubaier Ahmed, CIA, Bangladesh
The Gleim Review System was essential in helping me study and pass the CIA exam. I found the study material straightforward, easy to follow and practical. ... [cont.]

Fredrick W. Lee, CIA
I successfully completed the CIA examinations in 2011 and my success came from following the Gleim study plan and ... [cont.]

Bob Lightfoot, CPA, CIA, CRMA
I was really pleasantly surprised by the Gleim materials, especially the book. The lucidity and the simplicity with which it is written induce you to study. ... [cont.]

Purab Chatterjee, India
I passed all 4 parts of the CIA on the first try. It took me a 2 year span to find time to study. With full time work, kids, house work, it was not easy ... [cont.]

I have earned the CIA designation. I must say your Gleim System is excellent and I passed all four exams at the first trial. I also tried a competitors ... [cont.]

Shiro Honjo
After having gone through the CPA exam and the intense studying that goes along with that, I was not sure whether or not I was ready for the full commitment ... [cont.]

Stephanie Lazerson, CPA, CIA
The Gleim study system was helpful for busy people like me struggling to balance work and family time. It provided ... [cont.]

Gerard Chan Chee Cheong, Malaysia
I want to let you know that the Gleim study materials were instrumental in my success for passing Parts I, II, and III of the CIA exam (exempt for Part ... [cont.]

Michael E. Parietti, CPA
Thank you so much for all of your encouragement and support in helping me pass Parts 1, 2 and 3 of the CIA Exams! ... [cont.]

Becky B Davidson, CPA, CISA, CRISC, PMP
I felt that the questions on the exam, overall definitely called for me to really scrutinize the content of the question and all of the possible choices. ... [cont.]

Carolyn Schneck
Thank you very much for your support in helping me to pass Part 3 and 4 of the CIA exams! You and your organization have provided me with high quality ... [cont.]

Adrian Catalin, CIA
I used Gleim to help me pass the Auditing section of the CPA exam. I have since used Gleim to help me pass Part 2 of the CIA exam. I am currently using ... [cont.]

Meagan L.
Not only did Gleim help me pass the BEC section of the CPA exam, but I also used it for Parts I - III of the CIA ... [cont.]

Michael Bertha, CPA & Accounting Manager
I want to say thanks to Gleim as a whole for the preparation materials over the years for the CIA. I could not have passed and gotten certified without ... [cont.]

Michael, Auditor
I successfully passed at first attempt all the parts of the CIA exam! I started with Part 3 in September and passed all the other parts in December! Despite ... [cont.]

Mariem Boye, Paris
I used the Gleim CIA Review and earned the William S. Smith bronze medal award for 3rd highest score in 2009. I was very happy with the effectiveness and ... [cont.]

Jaime Raffo, CPA, CFE, CIA
I initially used Gleim for the Certified Internal Auditor Examination (CIA). I felt that it was easy to use and ... [cont.]

William Scarborough CPA, CMA, CIA, CFE, CVA
I was exempt from Part 4 as I am a CPA, but took the other three parts this weekend and passed them. I wanted to ... [cont.]

Joe Seltz, University of Houston
The Gleim Online tools were perfect for me. I travel a lot for work so being able to study as my time permitted was a huge convenience.

Julie, Barcelona
I want to let everyone know that it was the Gleim study materials and personal study counselor that was assigned that was the key to me passing the CIA ... [cont.]

Derek Johnson, CIA
I did the Part 1 CIA exam yesterday and was successful. I must say the Gleim System works!!! From following the step by step preparation process of completing ... [cont.]

Simone Ramsay-Knight
Thank you! I was very pleased with my experience with the Gleim CIA system. You gave me a great start by creating ... [cont.]

Diane Peters, CIA, Internal Controls Manager
I have just received an e-mail from The IIA (USA) notifying me that I am now CIA certified. I used your material 100%. I passed all three parts on the ... [cont.]

Casper Nduku, CIA
I found Gleim's Review System to be comprehensive, informative, and extremely easy to follow. The resources and tools provided by Gleim helped me pass ... [cont.]

Manoj Jonna, CIA, CPA
The Gleim materials were very instrumental in attaining my CIA certification. I would recommend Gleim Publications to anyone who would like to obtain their ... [cont.]

Kevin Thomas, MBA, CIA
Thank you so much for the fast turnaround and the materials. My students will greatly benefit from them. You are a great organization to work with.

David Dahlberg, CPA, Associate Professor at St. Catherine University
The Gleim CIA Review materials are excellent. Not only do I recommend them to my students, but I used them myself ... [cont.]

Professor Ed Etter, Ph.D., CPA, CIA, CFE, Associate Professor of Accounting, Eastern Michigan University.
The Gleim Review System was instrumental in helping me pass all four parts of the CIA exam. The books were easy to follow and the test-prep questions ... [cont.]

Frances M. Callahan, CIA
I passed each part of the CIA exam the first time with the use of the Gleim resources. The resources transferred the required knowledge and skills necessary ... [cont.]

Mark Zillinger, CIA
I would like to thank all the people at Gleim! I recently passed my CMA Part 4, and completed my journey to pursue ... [cont.]

Li-Yih Chiu, CPA, CIA, and CMA
Very good study material. A well-organized, comprehensive course, which helped me to pass the CIA Exam.

Mohammed Kalim Shaikh
I am very happy to report that I passed both Parts I & II of the CIA exam. I would recommend to anyone to use the Gleim study materials to prepare ... [cont.]

Abdirahman Mohamud
Gleim is the absolute expert in providing the tools and methodology needed to be successful in passing the CIA exam. I took part 2 and passed today. Thanks ... [cont.]

Mary Hinkle
I took the CIA Part 1 Internal Audit's Role in Governance, Risk Management and Controls exam and I have been informed that I passed. I really appreciate ... [cont.]

Ahmed Said
Thanks to Gleim I have passed my CIA Exams. I passed all three (Parts1, 2, and 3) the first time. You have an excellent self-study system, especially the ... [cont.]

Stef Borghouts, CIA
It was a very long and hectic journey but I was able to endure and pass each and every CIA and CMA exam on the ... [cont.]

Mohamad A. Mneimneh, CMA, CIA
As I studied and worked through my Gleim materials, it was easy for me to see why Gleim is considered to be a premier ... [cont.]

Terry Whaley, CIA, CISA, CGEIT, President Heartland-Iowa IIA Chapter.
The Gleim Online, Audio, Study Guide, and Test Prep software were more than adequate to prepare me for the CIA exams. Despite a heavy work schedule, military ... [cont.]

Kevin Johnson, CIA
I used Gleim CIA review materials exclusively, and was able to pass all parts successfully. In fact I was able to complete and pass the Part III exam ... [cont.]

Haoning Yang, CPA, CIA, MBA
I passed all 4 parts of the CIA exam on my first sitting using only Gleim books and Test Prep CD-Rom. I was very satisfied with the contents and the format ... [cont.]

Pearl Wagner
I earned my CIA designation...thanks... I am very much indebted to you for your review course which helped me pass so quickly. I can recommend Gleim to ... [cont.]

Suresh Manicketh
I passed the final part for me.....Part III of the exam yesterday and now I am certified. Used your materials 100% of the way with no other products. ... [cont.]

Roger Plath
I completed the exam in 120 minutes. I had over an hour left to review my answers. Gleim system works. I used the book, Online, and Test Prep CD-Rom. My ... [cont.]

Theodore Aboagye
I purchased your Gleim CPA review in August 1977 (it may have been your 2nd edition). That's after taking one of your competitor's twice. I passed all ... [cont.]

Gerald Keating
Gleim has offered me a great hand of help to pass CIA part I, II, III, and I am very close to sit for part 4 (within one month). I would like to express ... [cont.]

Sherif Salem
I am so glad it's all over - the CPA and then the CIA and I'm also glad that I did it with Gleim. I had considered using some of the more expensive prep ... [cont.]

I knew I wanted to pass the CIA exam but I wasn't sure which course would best help me accomplish that. After having looked at and trying several courses, ... [cont.]

Steven Talerico, CPA, CISA
This is the second professional certification for which I have engaged Gleim. The CMA being my first. When I began preparing for the CMA Exam using ... [cont.]

Joe Snyder
I started out (for part 1 of the CIA) using one of your competitor's materials. I found it to be extremely disorganized and much of it superfluous. ... [cont.]

Laura D.
If you follow Gleim's comprehensive and integrated methodology to prepare for the CIA exam, you will indeed pass on your first attempt. The various ... [cont.]

Rashmi Smith
Just to let you know I passed Part III of the CIA exam. I am now finished with everything for the certification. I was very happy with GLEIM and much ... [cont.]

Shirley Brown
Took my CIA Part 1 today. Your test preps are to the point, when I was writing I thought I was doing one of those test sessions. I passed in one hour ... [cont.]

Yesterday, I completed section one of the CIA exam with the help of your testing software and books. The testing simulator mirrored the exam's appearances ... [cont.]

Jason Bolstead
I have passed CIA Exam by using Dr. Gleim's study materials. I have never tried any other reference books. Thank you very much for your valuable support ... [cont.]

Gishu Damodaran
I wish the Gleim CD based training and tests were around when I took the CPA exam in 1976. My wife had been a student of Professor Gleim at the University ... [cont.]

James Williams
This email is simply to convey my gratitude for your CIA complete review system and the excellent service provided by my Personal Counselors. I have ... [cont.]

David Theriault
I finished today my CIA - Part 1 test and I passed. I would like to thank all of you because you did an excellent job. I used your book and the CD.

Abdou Maamoun Ahmed
I am excited! I used the 13th Edition Gleim book and CD, and the online system to success! I passed the CIA Exam 3 with an unofficial pass grade ... [cont.]

David Newman

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