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Gleim has trained more CIAs than any other review provider, and there’s no better way to learn about Gleim CIA than from actual candidates. Read what our candidates have to say about us and find out why Gleim is the #1 CIA Review Course.

99% Customer Satisfaction

I am working as an internal auditor in a large bank which helps and supports auditors who want to pass the CIA. Since I want to be recognized by my peers as a professional in my job, this certification is a must-have. The CIA must not be underestimated as it requires a lot of time and energy to handle it and Gleim has been a trustworthy ally in this journey. I was very impressed by the quality of the content (books and website especially the online MCQs) and Gleim is totally aligned with the questions I passed during the exams which is for me, the most valuable proof that it is the best exam prep.

Romain Agopoff, CIA

In the simplest terms, I LOVE the Gleim learning platform. It is so comprehensive and approachable. It does all the hard work for you and gives you the best opportunity to identify areas where more learning is required. It’s just brilliant.

Melanie Spencer, Auditor

Gleim was recommended to me by CIA qualified colleagues. The course is designed in a manner that enhanced my efficiency during the study hours. Its flexibility helped me greatly in clearing all the three parts of CIA exam in first attempt even when I was short on time due to other commitments(Hint: My own engagement!). The study planner, the multiple choice questions with instant feedback and reference to the relevant study material sub-units, and all the audio, video and text platforms for the study made the exam preparation much easier. Gleim with its multiple learning methods is great for professionals who have to manage work and studies with other duties and I would definitely recommend Gleim for this reason.

Osama Ahmed

When I embarked on my journey to obtain the CIA certification, I was immediately faced with a daunting but crucial decision. I had to choose between several course material providers, and after careful research and deliberation, I decided to go with Gleim, which turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made.

Gleim provided me with numerous resources which proved to be invaluable as I progressed through the certification and sat for the exams. The textbooks covered all the necessary areas of the CIA syllabus, and included mini practice questions after each chapter, which helped in determining how much information I retained. I also had access to video and audio lectures to solidify what was read in the text books. I was also assigned a personal counselor who assisted me with study tips and other queries I would have had along the way. However, the most valuable resource in my opinion was Gleim’s impressive test bank and practice exams, which contains numerous practice questions and explanations for incorrect answers.

Having made full use of these resources, I sat for each exam with increasing levels of confidence, which allowed me to pass all three parts of the CIA certification on the first attempt.

I would recommend Gleim to all prospective candidates of the CIA certification as well as CPA, CMA and EA. Should I decide to pursue these other certifications, I would most certainly go with Gleim once again.

Hance Theodore

My accounting knowledge was very basic, but Gleim’s material provided enough knowledge that I was quite confident in this area for the exam. The test material was accurate and useful in all parts. I am very thankful that Gleim helped me to pass all parts in first attempt, particularly given the fact that I do not have a strong accounting background. I have worked with my personal counselor and she was quite quick with her responses and helped me when I needed most. Your test preparation is your strength. The new methodology is even better with adaptive learning. My advice to all the candidates would be to spend enough time on the adaptive test and the question bank to complete as many questions as possible.

Bvs Prathap

Prior to studying with Gleim, I was using a different study program that did not offer enough resources. But Gleim had so many tools available for me that were vital to my success. Resources including a study planner, instructor videos, flashcards, a personal counselor, and so much more. These tools gave me the structure I needed to finish my CIA. It transformed the CIA from an impossible task into clearly defined steps. Choosing Gleim for my CIA studies was the best choice I made on my journey to finishing my CIA.

William Jenkins, CIA

Working full-time and studying for exams is difficult, but the study planner tool provided by Gleim allowed me appropriately plan and schedule my exams based on my availability. Because Gleim allowed me to appropriately budget my time and track my progress using their study planner tool, I felt confident before taking each of my CIA exams. Having used study software from other providers to prepare for other exams, I can say that the alternative presentation methods, use of diagnostic questions, and overview of key concepts made my preparation for my exams using Gleim much more efficient. I passed each of my exams on my first attempt using Gleim and would recommend them to other working professionals and students.

Adam Prohoroff

I felt the materials helped me fully prepare for the CIA exam. I passed all 3 exams the first time by following exactly what my counselor told me to do. My personal counselor gave me some guidance on what to complete when and it really helped me prepare.

I didn’t have to figure out what to do when and this was nice as I was very busy at the time working, getting my Master’s degree and studying for the exam. I just followed the study plan and completed everything by my due dates for each section and had no issues. The tests are difficult but so are the study exams. I got between 70-80% during my practice exams and was nervous but still passed. One good thing about the exam is that you get immediate feedback after so you don’t have to stress too long. With my personal counselor’s help I was successful and made the best use of my time.

Angela Aspon

I work with a Big 4 firm and to make time for studies was not easy. However, concise and adequate study materials from Gleim made my life easier. With it, I was able to plan smartly with minimum effort. The practice questions gave me the confidence to appear for the exams. And being confident on the day of exam is very important as most of the questions tested are practical scenarios. I would recommend Gleim to my friends if they are planning to sit for CIA exams.

Stalin Bikram Shahi, CIA, Nepal

The materials adequately covered the topics tested on the exam so I was very comfortable answering the questions.

I have tens and hundreds of CIA aspirants and students asking me in different forums about the course I followed to prepare for the CIA exam. I recommend Gleim to each and every one of them. I am doing this because I genuinely feel that Gleim helped me prepare for the exams very well. The topics are very well deliberated in the material, and the practice questions guide the thought process in a confident direction. The best part is when you get a question wrong and review it, you will understand why exactly it was wrong and how you should have interpreted the question. Also, getting a question correct (at times simply by guessing) will not guarantee success in the actual exam. Knowing why exactly the answer is right or wrong is the key.

I passed all three levels of CIA within one year of registration. I exclusively followed Gleim to prepare for the exams. They are comprehensive and written in a lucid manner. The practice tests cover the curriculum adequately and simulate exact exam conditions. Gleim walked with me side by side as a true counselor guiding me with reports on my performance.

Nancy Agarwal

Not only were the Gleim course materials a great aid in helping me to pass sections 1-3, but the Gleim team was also amazing to work with. From the purchase of my materials and throughout studying, the folks at Gleim were supportive and encouraging. They provided great tips for success and followed up with me regularly to help keep me on target. Great materials and a really great group of folks! Could not have asked for a better experience! 5 Stars.

Whitney Greene, CIA

My experience with the Gleim Review System has been good, it helped me to balance between my work and study time. The study plan was very helpful to keep me on track and get me focused towards achieving my goal of passing my CIA exams. Also, one vital thing was how the Gleim Review System was able to update the review notes to incorporate the new changes after IIA Global issued new changes to the standards and the IPPF. I am thankful that I was able to answer the questions confidently thanks to the Gleim Review System. Moreover, I am thankful to the Gleim review team that assisted me through emails. I have recommended the Gleim Review System to my two friends who are planning to do the CIA exams.

Emmanuel Ngumbulu

I found Gleim’s exam preparation material is a lot clearer and more concise than other market offerings. The exam material was concise which allowed for efficient learning. Further, the test bank and exam preparation material were relevant to the actual exam and tested for understanding. With Gleim, I managed to pass all 3 parts of the CIA and the CRMA exams on my first attempt. I hope to see more coverage for other certifications such as IIA CCSA and CRMA. Finally, the Gleim support team was fast and answers my technical support questions well.

Ulysses Chong, CIA

The Gleim course is comprehensive, comprising: written material; video lectures with examples and mini quizzes; audio lectures to refresh key points; and adaptive learning quizzes with questions from previous chapters to help with retaining previously learned material. The adaptive learning quizzes were especially amazing because they kept track of my weak areas which allowed me to review them more extensively. Altogether, I believe the programme is the best yet (I used it for the past 3 years and saw the value in the upgrades of the services provided). I did not use the personal counselor for study-related assistance but I am sure, for many, this would be another greatly appreciated benefit.

Gleim adequately prepared me for all of my exams. After the exam rehearsal, I felt confident and ready to sit my exams and was able to pass all 3 on my first attempt. This truly is a comprehensive learning and preparation experience.

Patrice Fournillier

I used the Gleim system to study for the CIA exam. The system presents the study materials in various ways to account for all types of learners, including videos, online materials, and books. Because of the amount of time and materials I needed to cover, I tended to mix up how I studied between online options and the books (a personal choice). The adaptive quizzes and the study session quizzes that provide detailed responses after each answer choice were the most helpful I believe in preparing me for the actual test. The materials were extremely relevant and similar to what I saw on the actual test day. I would highly recommend Gleim to anyone preparing for the CIA exam.

Carolyn Jackson
Carolyn Jackson, CIA

I think the Gleim CIA Review System is the leading and proven studying option for the CIA exams. It is very comprehensive, well executed, and continuously improved upon by the Gleim team. The entire Gleim experience was essential for me to pass all my CIA exams. The materials are well written with sufficient details. From the beginning, I learned what I already knew and what I needed to work on. Having a personal counselor available for support helped to pull the whole experience together. I appreciated the large database of practice questions and the ability to create different tests. The tools to analyze test results such as understanding why answers are correct/incorrect, being able to ask for further guidance from the Gleim accounting experts, and real-time updates to my performance analysis are all impressive features of Gleim. The Gleim system is a highly recommended studying approach for CIA candidates.

Jennifer Louie, CPA, CA, CIA

The support from the Gleim Team, particularly the personal counselors, makes it a very student-friendly and well-designed study package for the CIA exams. I am sincerely thankful for their unwavering support during my studies. I always got feedback to my queries, providing me with information and assisting me in diverse ways – all without hesitation. I passed all 3 exams at first sitting, within one year. The Gleim study package is excellent. Taking the CIA exams was just like going through one of the Gleim online practice sessions. I have gladly recommended it to others and will continue to do so. Ironically, it was recommended to me by a friend so I suppose Gleim has lived up to its name.

Mercy Harrison-Indome, CIA

Having the online and mobile access to materials allowed me to study on the go, in the car, and while waiting in lines at the grocery store, doctor’s office, or pharmacy. The Gleim Instruct Videos for each section helped to clarify some of the more challenging topics. My personal counselor was always patient, encouraging and supportive over the few years that it took for me to tackle health and family challenges, and helped me to not give up. She helped me keep my CIA goal in sight and always conveyed that it was achievable, along with discussing strategies to make it happen. Her positive attitude kept me striving and finally, I DID IT! Gleim has a winning program and I will encourage anyone to use all the tools available. Just GO FOR IT!

Meenu Minakshi Khanna CIA, CPA, CGMA

Gleim’s CIA study materials helped me in the preparation for the 3 CIA exams. The practice questions are great as they keep refreshing my memory about concepts and real world applications. The study planner is also useful as it helped me to plan my days to study. I love the Q&A part where I can ask questions and they are answered within 1-2 days. Overall, a big thank you Gleim!

Yingying Zhang, CIA

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