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Gleim CIA Review:

Adaptive CIA Course
Gleim CIA Review 2020 Edition

The #1 CIA exam prep course just got better with our cutting-edge adaptive technology.

We set the standard over 35 years ago with the first CIA review course on the market, and we have continued to innovate the exam prep industry ever since. Now, our years of experience and expertise have culminated in the development of SmartAdapt™, our new smart course platform that will prepare you to pass the revised CIA exam better than anything else. By adjusting your performance and targeting your weak areas, SmartAdapt™ provides a personalized learning path for the most efficient and effective studying without any of the guesswork.

See for yourself:
Gleim CIA Review is the first and only course to feature truly adaptive technology.


Adaptive Course Features




Other CIA Courses

Guides your studyOur Artificial Intelligence (AI) system expertly guides you through all the learning and testing modules.
Provides check-up questionsThroughout your studies the Gleim course will ask questions on topics from earlier study units to reinforce your understanding of topics.
Delivers a systematic learning approachAt the beginning of every study unit, the course will test you on your understanding of the relevant topics. This approach ensures the system has identified your potential weak areas so you can concentrate your efforts. 
Offers a personalized study plannerThe course offers a personalized study planner.Some include a version of a study planner.
Targets learning opportunities at all levels of exam contentThe course will drill down to granular topical levels and highlight all areas on which you should focus. 
Includes exam-emulating practice examsGleim provides a full-length exam-emulating practice exam.Include general practice exams
Supplies point-boosting final reviewThe full final review will reinforce your understanding testable topics.

Gleim SmartAdapt was engineered with the CIA candidate in mind.

Study what you need, when you need it!

Gleim CIA Review is the smartest choice for you.

When you pre-order the 2019 edition now, you’ll get everything you need to be completely at ease with the CIA exam changes taking effect January 1, 2019!