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AUD CPA Exam Tips

August 23, 2016

AUD CPA Exam Tips

While the AUD CPA Exam section contains similarities to the FAR CPA Exam section in its content, structure, and format, successfully passing AUD requires a tailored approach. As Auditing and Attestation specifically covers the audit process, this CPA Exam section will test candidates’ knowledge of certain auditing concepts and their ability to apply that knowledge to unique auditing problems. Equip yourself with this knowledge and these abilities by putting the following AUD CPA Exam tips into practice.


Gleim CPA Volunteers: BAP International Day of Literacy

August 18, 2016

BAP International Day of Literacy

Literacy has a profound impact on health, wealth, and happiness. Sadly, reduced access to literature and rarer encouragement to read have resulted in decreased engagement among students and books, but there is hope. Even brief exposure to good reading material can boost a child’s enthusiasm for reading, and organizations like Beta Alpha Psi (BAP) are focused on increasing that exposure.

As the International Honor Organization for Financial Information Students and Professors, Beta Alpha Psi has taken commendable steps to promote literacy across the country. In 2012, BAP developed the BAP International Day of Literacy, the goal of which is to “distribute books to local organizations and teach about the importance of literacy.” Sponsored by KPMG LLP and the KPMG Foundation, the BAP International Day of Literacy occurred for the fourth time on Thursday, August 4, 2016, and Gleim CPA was part of it.


AUD CPA Exam Section

August 15, 2016


The CPA Exam features four sections, and while each section is unique, they occasionally share a similar structure or content. The AUD CPA Exam section stands out due to the fact that this section is completely devoted to the audit process. However, as the topics of the FAR CPA Exam section overlap those of the three other sections, AUD contains content commonalities with FAR. AUD also imitates FAR in its structure and format. Taking a closer look at the AUD CPA Exam section will continue to reveal the correlations and distinctions between AUD and the other sections of the CPA Exam.


Cost of CPA Exam

August 11, 2016


Cost of CPA Exam

Though passing the CPA Exam and becoming a CPA is worth every penny you spend on the process, what exactly is the cost of CPA Exam?

As a future CPA, you can prepare a CPA Exam budget by discovering the costs and fees associated with the CPA Exam, including those enforced by NASBA, AICPA, Prometric, and the state boards. The websites of these organizations provide the specifications of these fees, but this infographic serves as a great introduction to the general figures of the CPA Exam.


Studying for the CPA Exam: How to Persevere

August 8, 2016

Studying for the CPA Exam

The best things in life are almost never free. Something truly worth having often costs great amounts of time, energy, and resources to obtain. One group of people that understands this concept better than most is Olympic athletes. To earn the honor of competing in the Olympic games, athletes must train for countless hours and push their bodies to extremes. The most elite athletes are those that have dedicated their entire lives to the sport, and their journey to stardom inevitably included difficulties and defeat. The fact that they progressed as far as the Olympic games proves that they learned how to persevere.


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