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cpa for international candidates
Though the CPA is an American-based certification, the benefits of the CPA for international students are significant enough that thousands of international candidates sit for the CPA Exam each year at testing centers around the globe. Our CPA experts have researched the numerous advantages of the CPA and have laid out below the top reasons...
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how to schedule the cpa exam
Whether you’re a procrastinator or a planner, all CPA candidates must schedule testing dates for all four CPA Exam sections. To complete this important step, you need to know how to schedule the CPA Exam. By scheduling the CPA Exam you get to pick your own test dates; however, you may not know where to...
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pcaob auditing standard
As authoritative accounting and auditing pronouncements are amended, the CPA Exam adapts to those amendments. These changes can influence your CPA Exam schedule. Gleim CPA is here to update you with the latest pronouncement news. The AICPA recently addressed a new PCAOB auditing standard, so keep reading to learn more about the standard, its testing...
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cpa exam score release
As a CPA candidate, your exam score is something you’ll think about a lot: definitely before and after you sit for an exam section, and maybe even during that time (stop doing that: you need to focus on the exam!) Before you sit, you’ll be thinking about doing everything you can to earn a CPA...
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cpa exam 2018 tax laws
You’ve probably heard a lot about the new tax law changes and are likely wondering how they will affect the CPA Exam. We are happy to share that the AICPA has just announced this information: The new tax law will be eligible for testing on January 1, 2019. So What Tax Laws Will Be Tested on the...
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Attention, CPA candidates! Between February 17 and March 4, 2018, you will not be able to receive, print, reprint, or pay for your NTS. NASBA is updating the system through which it issues the Notice to Schedule (NTS), a necessary document for scheduling and taking any section of the CPA Exam. What does this mean...
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why become a cpa
If you’ve decided to pursue a career in accounting, you’ve probably heard about the CPA. The CPA credential is one of the most well known in the industry, and your accounting professor or manager may have already encouraged you to attain the CPA license. Maybe you’re interested in following his or her advice, but you’re...
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cpa score
Have you taken a section of the CPA Exam yet? If so, you’ve started to develop your history with the exam. Depending on how you felt when you left Prometric or when you received your CPA score, you may prefer to not repeat that history. Maybe you failed. Maybe you barely passed. Maybe you were...
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new cpa exam blueprints
The AICPA has released a new set of CPA Exam Blueprints. While the new blueprints won’t be effective until Q3 2018, there are some important changes that will become testable and will appear in Gleim review materials beginning in Q2. Keep reading to learn all about the new CPA Exam Blueprints and the influence they’ll...
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