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cpa exam study
Studying for the CPA Exam is a long process. If you pass every section the first time, it can take anywhere from 6 to 18 months to complete the entire exam. When you’re making that much of a time investment, you’ll want to maximize every minute of your preparations. To keep yourself from wasting the...
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cpa exam tips and tricks
Let’s be honest. Studying for and taking the CPA Exam is a taxing process both mentally and physically. The CPA Exam is difficult because of its complex structure, the breadth of topics it covers, and the amount of time needed to pass it. You should brace yourself for a real challenge, but you shouldn’t make...
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benefits of networking in college
By Dakota Luttrell A commonly under-valued portion of the collegiate experience is the opportunity to build and establish a network for yourself. You may build and mold this network to fulfill your needs. Whether you wish to create a large network with ample career opportunities for yourself or to establish a healthy social network of...
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cpa exam during busy season
As an accounting professional, you know what busy season is and why it’s called busy season. You also know that passing the CPA Exam so you can become a CPA is a crucial career move that you may not be able to put on hold until busy season ends, especially in light of the 18-month...
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2018 cpa exam changes
CPA candidates hear most often about updates to the exam that are made to reflect developments in accounting. Less often, though, the AICPA changes the format of the exam to modernize the look and/or incorporate improvements in technology. In April 2017, the CPA Exam went through major alterations to the exam structure and question types...
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cpa exam study tips
The new year is here! As we enter 2018, we begin that special time during which people remember an old season of life and celebrate a new one. It’s an ideal moment to reflect on all our habits and discover how we can improve, especially when it comes to our CPA Exam study habits. If...
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cpa exam study plan
Once you’ve completed your CPA Exam application and received your scheduling documents, you will probably be pretty anxious to schedule your testing appointment. You have your NTS in hand, so what’s stopping you? Well, there’s actually one more thing you need to do before you contact Prometric. You need to create your CPA Exam study...
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career in accounting
By Bryan Kesler, CPA Are you a college student interested in a career in accounting? Then you are in the right place! Over the next five minutes, you will learn exactly what you need to be doing to prepare for your career in accounting — and how you can get ahead of the competition. What...
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cpa exam advice
With all of the accounting information the CPA Exam covers, there are countless possibilities for the exam questions you will encounter. You may come across a question that is very difficult or that you have never seen before. Studying with plenty of practice CPA test questions will help you prepare for these questions, but there...
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