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Not all adaptive CPA review systems are equal

Gleim CPA Review's truly adaptive technology helps you study effectively and take the CPA Exam with greater confidence.

Not all adaptive CPA review systems are equal

Gleim CPA Review's truly adaptive technology helps you study effectively and take the CPA Exam with greater confidence.

Gleim CPA Review with SmartAdapt™ is the only CPA review course that is truly adaptive.

Pass the FIRST time

Avoid spending hundreds of hours re-studying for a failed section

Study what you need, when you need it

Let us guide you down the most efficient path to completion

Focus most on your weak areas

Target specific topics that will increase your score

Gleim CPA Review is the SMARTEST Review course on the market.
Check out this adaptive CPA Review scorecard to see why Gleim leads the pack.

Adaptive Course





Wiley CPAexcel

Guides your study

You will be expertly guided by our artificial intelligence system through all the learning and testing modules

The course requires manual guidance

You will have to guide yourself through the course

The course tells you what to study and when

There are no automatic guidance options in this course

Provides reinforcing check-up questions

Throughout your studies, the Gleim course will supply you with questions on topics from earlier Study Units to help you maintain your understanding of previous topics

You can manually review other questions

You can manually go back to high-level topics on which you were marked as being weaker

System does not help you to reinforce what you’ve learned in previous lessons

You can use the test bank or the course to manually navigate to questions on topics you’ve already covered

Offers an adaptive study planner

The course offers a personalized study planner; however, it is not adaptive

A study planner is offered, and you can customize it. But it is not adaptive

The study planner is not adaptive, but it can be personalized

The study planner is adaptive and corresponds at a basic level to the work completed in your course

Customization of the study planner is available, but it is not adaptive

Identifies weak areas down to the subtopic level v. higher level overview

The course will drill down to granular topic levels and highlight all areas on which you are weak

High-level information and scoring are provided

Scores are provided at a high level

Course identifies weak areas

The course is not adaptive and requires candidates to manually find and navigate to areas on which they are weak

Includes practice exams

Full length mock exams and unlimited, customizable practice exams are available in Gleim

Practice exams are included

A simple practice exam is included

Practice exams are included

Practice exam will be provided

Supplies point-boosting final review

A full-length final review is provided that will reinforce your understanding of already mastered topics

Final review is included and may help you to boost your final score

A final review is not provided; however, a CRAM course is available

The course serves practice exams as the final review. However, your previous course performance is not factored

The course offers practice exams and access to a test bank, but there isn’t a final review

*All competitive information collected from competitor courses, websites, or other competitor-related materials.

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