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Get Proof You're Ready to Pass with Finish Line

Your CPA Exam is a few weeks away. Make sure you’re ready to pass with our short sprint review.

Finish Line assesses how well you’ve studied and tells you where to focus your attention in the home stretch to maximize your score. Our final mock exam delivers a realistic testing experience with a score analysis so dependable, you can sit for your exam with 100% confidence.

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Is Finish Line Right for Me?

Just finished studying

Recently completed another test prep program? Finish Line’s score analysis will give you a second opinion for maximum confidence.

A few points from passing

Need to retake the exam? Finish Line will show you what concepts you need to study to get to a passing 75 or higher.

Looking for a quick review/cram course

Not a traditional cram course; Finish Line is a final review that’ll tell you if you’re ready to pass.

Already studying with Gleim

Our Premium and Traditional customers already have Finish Line features included with their review course.

1. Ready

Start by assessing what you know with a full-length mock exam. The results will highlight your strengths and diagnose your weaknesses.

2. Set

Study exactly what you need to grab those final points. Finish Line will direct you to a Rapid Review of core concepts, questions, and simulations to increase your score.

3. Go

Take one last mock exam, and your score analysis will let you know that you’re ready.

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Maximize Your Final Days

Finish Line is for people who are nearing their CPA Exam Day — whether 3 days or 3 weeks away — and looking for additional confirmation that they’re truly ready to pass. With Finish Line you’ll get:

  • Two fully-simulated mock-exams with in-depth analysis of your answers
  • Customized guidance toward the topics where improvement is identified
  • Rapid Review outlines for each topic
  • Customized selection of MCQs & Sims from a bank of 1,200 MCQs & 80 Task-Based Simulations
  • A dashboard that tracks your progress throughout the course
  • Detailed score analysis to help you approach your exam with confidence
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Know Before You Go

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These companies trust Gleim for exam day prep:

Wells Fargo
Capitol One
Johnson and Johnson

I purchased Finish Line for my sister for the Business Environment Concepts CPA test after she received a 65 multiple times and just needed an extra push to pass. She worked through the course and passed with an 80 on the next try! Finish Line really helped her to fully understand the concepts that were confusing, and Gleim was incredibly helpful!

Brooke Middleton

Just Beginning Your CPA Journey?

If you’ve just started studying or aren’t sure where to start, we have everything you need to pass. Visit our Courses page to learn more about our Premium, Traditional, and Test Bank study systems.