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CPA Exam candidates find success with Gleim, and now it’s your turn. The customer reviews about Gleim CPA are numerous, and there’s no better way to learn about Gleim CPA than from actual candidates. Read what CPA candidates have to say about Gleim CPA. (And we’ll carve out a space for your future review, too!)

Elijah Watt Sells Award Winners

Heartfelt thanks to the team behind all the effort that goes into making Gleim the all-in-one CPA Review that I would recommend to any CPA candidate!

Portrait of Anjali Mirchandani.
Anjali Mirchandani
Elijah Watt Sells Award Winner

I honestly believe Gleim is what pushed me over the top to not only pass all four sections on the first try, but to earn the Elijah Watt Sells Award.

Portrait of Joseph Cassata.
Joseph Cassata
Elijah Watt Sells Award Winner

Without Gleim’s help, there is no way that I would have been able average over 95.5 on all exams and receive the Elijah Watt Sells Award.

Timothy Hubner
Elijah Watt Sells Award Winner

The Gleim test bank was by far the most robust of the ones I tried, and it really enabled me to master the material.

Paul Kardar
Elijah Watt Sells Award Winner

I felt prepared going into each exam, and it proved to be true when I passed each one on the first try with scores high enough to receive the Elijah Watt Sells Award.

Portrait of Sarah Henderson.
Sarah Henderson
Elijah Watt Sells Award Winner

What is the Elijah Watt Sells Award?

The Elijah Watt Sells Award recognizes outstanding performance on the Uniform CPA Examination. The award is bestowed on candidates who passed all four sections on their first attempt with a cumulative average score above 95.5.

Gleim has helped candidates pass more than 1 million CPA Exams over the past 45+ years, and we want to set you up for success too.

Facebook post from Andrew Crumpton: "I received my email confirmation today that I am officially a CPA! Thanks Gleim!"
Facebook post from Jennifer Snyder Dahrens: “This review is amazing. I followed the program and passed all 4 sections on the first attempt. No need to supplement with another study program. This one has it all.”

Gleim is used by more top 10 accounting programs than any other provider

  • Gleim’s Professor-Led classes are the best. Most other CPA review courses make it very difficult for a professor to create exams and manage courses.

    Craig Latshaw
    St. John’s University
  • I’ve used Gleim materials in the classroom for several years. My students love the challenge they provide. Gleim makes a superior product and they work hard to keep it up to date, which truly helps each student prepare effectively for the license exam of their choice.

    Betty Smith, CIA, MBA
    California College San Diego
  • I use Gleim Financial Accounting EQE and strongly urge my students to buy it as well. I especially like the explanations that indicate why a particular answer is not correct. So many study guides only identify why the correct answer was the right choice.

    John T. Dallmus, CPA, MBA
    Arizona State University
  • The Professor-Led materials are an excellent resource and tool that enhances student candidates’ learning. The people at Gleim are very helpful and they are eager to work with faculty to customize the Professor-Led materials (e.g, quizzes, completion tracking, etc.) in a way that fits your course objectives.

    Frank Nekrasz, Jr., Ph.D., CFE, CPA, CFF, DABFA - Lecturer of Accountancy - Director, CPA Review Program
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • We wanted to update our courses and increase the usage of Gleim CPA Review to better prepare students for the CPA exam. One of Gleim’s Professor Relations Coordinators was helpful in coaching me on the most effective ways to use Gleim in our program. They were easy to work with and willing to tailor Gleim CPA Review to meet our needs. I would recommend Gleim over any other CPA review product for students and collegiate institutions.

    Dr. Kelly K. Damron, CPA, MBA
    Grand Canyon University
  • Simply put, Gleim works. If you put in the work, time, and effort, I’m confident that you will pass the CPA exam with Gleim. I just followed the Gleim smart adapt program’s prompts through the material, reviewed my quizzes and SIMs (both right and wrong answers), and focused on the study methods that best matched my learning style. I passed all four sections of the CPA exam the first time with a 90 average. I simply followed Gleim’s review course as directed, and it worked!

    Jennifer, CPA

Hear it from the people we've helped!

Chris Kilschautzky

As an international candidate, I was able to achieve top scores in each section of the CPA exam with the Gleim Premium Review System. The high-quality learning materials are well-structured and extensive. Even without prior knowledge in some areas like US taxes and business law, the materials helped me to master these challenging topics. My favorite parts of the Gleim review course were the huge test bank of multiple choice questions and large number of simulations. They covered all aspects that were tested on my exam and closely resembled the real questions. On average, they were even harder than the questions and simulations on the exam. Therefore, they prepared me very well and made me feel confident while taking the exam. It’s also great that Gleim offers two mock exams per section which help you to get used to the format of the exam and help you identify the areas you need to review in greater detail. I would definitely recommend Gleim to other CPA candidates and will consider it again for CPE courses or other designations!

Chris Kilschautzky

I attribute all my success in passing the CPA exams on the first try to the Gleim Review System. Having twenty smaller, more focused sections made studying much more manageable versus having four or five large sections. Having the smaller sections not only helped me mentally break the different topics apart, but also kept me from being overwhelmed by the sections with lots of material to cover. This also applies to the video lectures. Some providers have three hour lectures which sound tedious and dry. The ability to watch shorter clips around 10-20 minutes on the areas I needed extra reinforcement on was very valuable to me. I would definitely recommend Gleim to anyone beginning the CPA exam process. Before I started the exam process I did a lot of research on the different study material providers to find which would fit my study habits the best. Not only did Gleim provide more practice questions than any other provider, it was the best value for the price. I would use Gleim again for any exams I pursue in the future.

Rebecca Malaski

I cannot stress the importance of Gleim in my preparation and subsequent completion of the CPA exam. I decided to take the exam as a 28 year-old, full-time accountant within the industry. Little did I know at the time, I would be welcoming my first child halfway through my studies…I passed all four exams on my first attempt, including the “new” version of the BEC exam. The Gleim review system was great for two reasons: 1) It provided structure, with a dynamic study calendar and intentionally crafted curriculum; 2) It was efficient, designed to focus me on my weaker areas instead of review of items I was already proficient. I know that passing this exam will help further my career, and I am thankful to Gleim CPA review for the role it played.

David Dahlstrom

Gleim has been a tremendous supporter and ally in helping me achieve some of my greatest milestones. Due to their excellent products I am now a CIA and CPA. The course prepared me thoroughly for the exam by covering the material so well. The new lecture feature has completely put Gleim head and shoulders above the competition. The lectures are interesting and very helpful. Finally, the personal counselors are very empathetic and helpful during the long journey to the finish line. Using the system just the way it is prescribed I ended up averaging an 87 across all four parts on the CPA exam, passing all on the first attempt. Due to passing the exam I was able to secure an excellent new job as a controller at a large company! Thank you, Gleim, as your products have changed my life!

Kent Kellenberger

I am an international US CPA candidate from Brazil, and started using the Gleim Premium Review System for passing all four parts. At first, I faced some difficulties in doing so because I am not based in the USA, which means that I started without any knowledge of the US business and taxation environment. However, the Gleim lectures were very comprehensive, covering everything we needed to go through the CPA exam. No need for material supplement for any section of the exam. The Gleim Review System is very easy to navigate, and the Task-Based Simulations are very close to the real exam in terms of content. I just used the online platform without reading any paper books. Their Professors speak at a great pace explaining in detail the concepts, resulting that all students can follow the content. I strongly recommend Gleim for future US CPAs. If I passed all four parts as an international candidate using only Gleim, I am sure that you can get it done too!!

Denis Neves de Paula

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