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CPA Exam Fees: The Cost of the CPA Exam

July 21, 2016

CPA Exam Fees

The process of passing the CPA Exam involves three key components: time, effort, and money. The amount of time and effort required fluctuates per candidate, as each will have unique life situations and educational backgrounds. However, the amount of money is less varied due to the fact that the different organizations associated with the Uniform CPA Examination – such as state boards, NASBA, AICPA, Prometric, and CPA review courses – have predetermined CPA Exam fees and costs. Candidates can tally these fees at the beginning of the examination process to estimate their total expected expenditure.


FAR CPA Exam Tips

July 18, 2016

FAR CPA Exam Tips
With the controversial reputation the FAR CPA Exam section has incurred, exam candidates need to mentally steel themselves for FAR. Fortifying yourself against FAR’s unique challenges requires time and concentration, so these tips are here to help you acquire both. To pass one of the longest and most inclusive sections, put these FAR CPA Exam tips into play as soon as possible.

FAR CPA Exam Tips for Studying


CPA Multiple-Choice Questions Study Tips

July 14, 2016

CPA Multiple-Choice Questions

There are pros and cons to the fact that multiple-choice questions (MCQs) are a standard part of the CPA Exam. The positive side is that most candidates have encountered multiple-choice questions before in life. The negative side is that candidates may undervalue the importance of studying for CPA multiple-choice questions properly. In order to master MCQs, you must adjust your impression of CPA Exam multiple-choice questions and your study strategy for them to match the CPA Exam’s take on this question type. Use these MCQ study tips to effectively study for CPA multiple-choice questions.


FAR CPA Exam Section

July 11, 2016


Over time, the Financial Accounting and Reporting section of the CPA Exam has received a lot of qualifiers: it has been called the hardest, the easiest, the longest, and the most inclusive exam section. With such varying opinions about the FAR CPA Exam section, the best route by which to come to your own conclusions about FAR before you actually take it is by learning the facts for yourself. To properly prepare to pass the CPA Exam, you need to know the characteristics of the current and coming versions of the FAR CPA Exam section.


CPA Exam Pass Rates: Q2 2016

July 7, 2016

CPA Exam Pass Rates

With the first half of 2016 already behind us, the launch of the 2017 CPA Exam draws ever closer. In all likelihood, the knowledge that the next version of the CPA Exam is looming on the horizon has motivated many future CPAs to hasten their pursuit of the goal of passing in 2016 (there is still time!). Therefore, the recent release of the 2016 Q2 CPA Exam pass rates allows us to discover the results of their efforts. These pass rates will also serve as a useful gauge by which to compare the two exam versions next year when we are experiencing the changes. As these pass rates reveal some surprising CPA Exam trends, let’s explore them now and then review them in the future.


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