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February, 2017
In regards to the Gleim system, I would say that there were several factors that I appreciated about the system. One was the in-depth information that was available for the topics. I prefer having a large quantity of materials than just the superficial information because the exams at times could focus on one particular area in a lot of detail, so having studied all the notes I was able to answer a more broad array of questions, even more difficult questions. Another factor was the sheer number of practice questions. On average, the questions in Gleim were slightly more difficult (in my opinion), than the questions on the actual exams, particularly the first batch of questions on the exam. Finally the simulations were also very helpful. Having simulations as part of the preparation helped to emphasize some of the terms and concepts and contributed even to the multiple choice questions during the exam.
Gui Martinelli

January, 2017
I attribute all my success in passing the CPA exams on the first try to the Gleim Review System. Having twenty smaller, more focused sections made studying much more manageable versus having four or five large sections. Having the smaller sections not only helped me mentally break the different topics apart, but also kept me from being overwhelmed by the sections with lots of material to cover. This also applies to the video lectures. Some providers have three hour lectures which sound tedious and dry. The ability to watch shorter clips around 10-20 minutes on the areas I needed extra reinforcement on was very valuable to me. I would definitely recommend Gleim to anyone beginning the CPA exam process. Before I started the exam process I did a lot of research on the different study material providers to find which would fit my study habits the best. Not only did Gleim provide more practice questions than any other provider, it was the best value for the price. I would use Gleim again for any exams I pursue in the future.
Rebecca Malaski
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