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CIA Part 1 Review System (Book, Test Prep, Audio Review, Gleim Online, & Exam Rehearsal) - New 3-Part Exam

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Product Description:

Minimize your cost, time, effort, and frustration!

The Gleim CIA Review System for Part 1 includes everything you need in order to prepare for and PASS Part 1 of the CIA Exam. Better. Faster. Guaranteed. This system includes CIA Gleim Online, Test Prep, Review book, Audio Review, Exam Rehearsal™, and access to a Personal Counselor.

The CIA Review System for Part 1 contains

Gleim Online

  • 630 Multiple-Choice and True/False Questions
  • Outlines from CIA Review books
  • Audiovisual presentations
  • Detailed Performance Reports
  • Customizable, intuitive study planner that works directly with your Gleim Online course
  • Personal Counselor

Test Prep

  • Over 700 multiple-choice questions
  • Unlimited Practice Exams
  • Emulates CIA exam
  • Study Sessions with immediate feedback
  • Detailed Performance Reports

Review Book

  • Comprehensive Outlines aligned with The IIA exam syllabus
  • Over 175 multiple-choice questions
  • Real-world examples
  • Gleim Success Tips

Audio Review Download

  • Alternative, succinct presentation of Review book outlines
  • Download and transfer to MP3 player and study on the go!

Exam Rehearsal

  • Full-length, timed practice exam
  • Perfect for Final Review of material

Gleim Personal Counselor

  • With you every step of the way - Best customer service in the industry! Available by phone and email.
  • Able to give expert advice on test taking, including the exam process, how much study time you need, and which parts to take first.
  • Eager to work with you to create a personalized study plan based on your specific situation and goals.
  • Provides encouragement, instills confidence, and ensures your success.


Below are two testimonials on the Gleim CIA Review System from customers like you.

The Gleim Online, Audio, Study Guide, and Test Prep software were more than adequate to prepare me for the CIA exams. Despite a heavy work schedule, military deployment, and family challenges I was able to pass all four parts on the first try. I would definitely recommend Gleim to anyone preparing for the CIA exams.
Kevin Johnson, CIA

The Gleim Review System was instrumental in helping me pass all four parts of the CIA exam. The books were easy to follow and the test-prep questions sufficiently covered the topics tested on each exam. The best part about Gleim is that you get assigned to a Personal Counselor who is there to answer your questions as well as keep you on track towards meeting your review goals. I could not have earned the CIA designation without Gleim!
Frances M. Callahan, CIA

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Product Features:
  • Audiovisual presentations for an overview of each study unit
  • Outline material to provide you with the information you need to pass the exam
  • Test Prep and Exam Rehearsal™ that emulate the actual CIA exam
  • Detailed performance analysis to analyze your weak areas
  • Questions with detailed explanations for both correct and incorrect answers

After using the Gleim CIA Review System for Part 1, you will outperform your peers and PASS the exam.

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