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October, 2011
Excellent course. Similar to those in the years past. Again, the online video is invaluable.
Cliff Mayhew, CPA

June, 2011
I purchased Gleim at the time the CPA exam was doing its very first computer testing. Since no one had taken the computer version, there was no one to get advice from because CPAs only had the written test to talk about. I have a pilot friend who said that he used the Gleim products to help him with his aviation tests and really liked how they were set up. It was good enough for me. On my way to work, I would listen to a cassette tape. It gave me great inspiration to keep a positive attitude. I worked six days a week and rested on Sunday with no studying. I napped when I needed to and got a little exercise in between to break up the time.

Because I had such a good experience with the CPA study program, I have purchased self-study CPE from Gleim every year since. The topics are current, pertinent, and arranged so that I learn more than I do sitting through an entire day of a live speaker. I highly recommend the Gleim program to any CPA candidates who want to succeed. By the way, I have taken a few flying lessons in a Cessna 172. If I decide to get a pilot's license, I will purchase the Gleim aviation program.
Kathryn A. O'Donnell, CPA