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Contact Us : 800.874.5346        International: +1 352.375.0772

About the Online CPE Program

Gleim has CPE for CPAsCIAsCMAsEnrolled Agents, and those who are trying to earn their AFSP – Record of Completion.

Gleim CPE

Gleim CPE is designed to help you understand the standards to which you will be held so you will not deliver substandard practice to your clients and the general public in violation of GAAP, GAAS, and other generally-accepted professional accounting and auditing standards. Gleim will sensitize you to know when you should research further, get a second opinion, and/or take the high road with respect to an engagement or other professional assignment. You, as a professional, should be proud of your work product. Gleim is here to assist you.

About the Online CPE Program

Gleim Publications offers a wide variety of CPE programs to enhance your knowledge and to help you comply with your continuing education requirements. With our proven self-study method, you set the hours and determine the courses that fit your professional needs. You choose the number of hours you need for the period and then you can choose the courses as you go.

Enhance your knowledge with our Gleim Online CPE Program

We aspire to facilitate the maximum knowledge transfer in each of our CPE courses. Make sure to read all of the questions carefully and answer them to the best of your ability. If you do not know the answer, make the best guess. Then read and study each answer explanation.

Gleim Online CPE courses may include:

  • Audiovisual presentation
  • Video Lecture
  • Knowledge Transfer Outline with or without Study Questions
  • Study Quiz
  • Qualified Assessment
  • Course Evaluation
  • Certificate of Completion

Completion Time:

  • Online CPE courses must be selected within one year of purchase date.
  • Each selected course must be completed within one year from the date of selection.


  • Maximize understanding and knowledge transfer while minimizing cost, time, and frustration.
  • Allows maximum flexibility in terms of where and when you complete your courses.
  • Easy-to-complete, informative, and effective CPE courses.

You can Rely on Gleim

All Gleim CPE Courses meet the standards as outlined in the AICPA/NASBA Statement on Standards for Continuing Education programs. Gleim is an approved sponsor of QAS and Registry CPE courses. The Florida Ethics course qualifies for the four hour ethics requirement of the Florida Board of Accountancy. View the list of state boards and agencies that will accept our courses for CPE credit.