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June, 2011
I thank you for your call alerting me to the near expiration of my course selections. I was likely to use Gleim again, but you can be sure that after this experience I will certainly use Gleim in the future. You guys are on the ball and saved me from being very upset at myself at the waste I would have caused without your timely alert. You know how to do business and certainly built customer loyalty with me.
Larry Rosenman, CPA

May, 2011
The Gleim CPE courses are convenient for busy professionals and provide just the right training on topics that auditors use. The details of the subject material are useful to me in my current job functions.
Jeff Fischer

December, 2010
I used the Gleim outlines and problem/solutions manuals to study for the November, 1977 CPA exam. Other candidates gathered as much material as they could to study for the exam. I learn better by eliminating excess detail and concentrating on the key elements of study. The Gleim outlines provided the core information that I needed to learn without overkill. I studied them for 1 our a day and worked problems in the problem/solutions manuals for 1 hour a day for six months leading up to the exam. I was able to pass the exam in one sitting, which only 6% of the candidates were able to do. Since that time, I have used Gleim for much of my CPE and have been very satisfied with the price, presentation, and accuracy of the courses provided.