Financial Accounting Exam Questions and Explanations book, 19th Ed.

Irvin N. Gleim

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  • Cross-referenced to most college/university textbooks
  • Optimizes your grade by offering study techniques and the most up-to-date information
  • Detailed answer explanations for all answer choices
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Product Description:

The Gleim Financial Accounting Exam Questions and Explanations, 19th Ed., book is an integral component of the Exam Questions & Explanations Books & Test Prep set. This book is an essential tool for learning and reviewing the concepts and applications of financial accounting.

Table of Contents:

Detailed Table of Contents
Preface for Accounting Students

Study Unit  1. The Financial Reporting Environment
Study Unit  2. The Accounting Process 
Study Unit  3. Reporting Income
Study Unit  4. The Time Value of Money 
Study Unit  5. Current Assets, Cash, Accounts Receivable, and Notes Receivable
Study Unit  6. Inventories
Study Unit  7. Property, Plant, and Equipment 
Study Unit  8. Depreciation and Depletion
Study Unit  9. Intangible Assets and Research and Development Costs 
Study Unit 10. Investments 
Study Unit 11. Current Liabilities, Compensated Absences, and Contingencies 
Study Unit 12. Noncurrent Liabilities 
Study Unit 13. Employee Benefits
Study Unit 14. Leases 
Study Unit 15. Corporate Equity 
Study Unit 16. Earnings Per Share
Study Unit 17. Accounting for Income Taxes
Study Unit 18. Accounting Changes and Error Corrections
Study Unit 19. Statement of Cash Flows 
Study Unit 20. Financial Statement Disclosures 
Study Unit 21. Long-Term Construction-Type Contracts, Installment Sales, and Consignments 
Study Unit 22. Financial Statement Analysis 
Study Unit 23. GAAP Accounting for Partnerships 
Study Unit 24. Business Combinations and Consolidated Financial Reporting 
Study Unit 25. Interim Financial Reporting
Study Unit 26. Foreign Currency Translation and Transactions 
Study Unit 27. State and Local Governments
Study Unit 28. Not-for-Profit Entities 
Study Unit 29. New Revenue Recognition Standard: Revenue from Contracts with Customers

Appendix A: Subunit Cross-References to Intermediate and Advanced Financial Accounting Textbooks
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