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CPA AUD, BEC, FAR, REG Review System (Books, Test Prep, Audio Review, Gleim Online, Gleim Instruct, Exam Rehearsals, & Simulation Wizard)

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Product Description:

Minimize your cost, time, effort, and frustration!

The Gleim CPA Review System includes everything you need in order to prepare for and PASS the CPA Exam. Better. Faster. Guaranteed. This system includes CPA Gleim Online, Test Prep, Review books, Gleim Instruct Video Series (FAR only), Audio Review, Simulation Wizard, Exam Rehearsals™, and access to a Personal Counselor for all four sections of the CPA Exam.

The CPA Review System contains

Gleim Online

  • Over 1,800 Multiple-Choice and True/False Questions per part
  • 360 Task-Based and Written Communication Simulations
  • Outlines from CPA Review books
  • Core Concepts
  • Audiovisual presentations
  • Detailed Performance Reports
  • Customizable, intuitive study planner that works directly with your Gleim Online course
  • Personal Counselor

Gleim Instruct BETA

  • Nearly 30 hours of lectures featuring core concepts
  • Thorough explanations of examples and multiple-choice questions
  • Currently available for FAR only

   "I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE the option 2b [Gleim Instruct]!!! I love that there is a classroom type setting with a person talking to you and going through examples and doing a few multiple choice questions with you." - Brandi Hartley

Test Prep

  • Over 9,200 Multiple-Choice Questions, including hundreds released by the AICPA
  • Unlimited Practice Exams
  • Emulates CPA Exam
  • Study Sessions with immediate feedback
  • Detailed Performance Reports

Review Books

  • Comprehensive Outlines aligned with AICPA Content Specification Outlines
  • Over 2,300 Multiple-Choice Questions
  • 360 Task-Based and Written Communication Simulations
  • Real-world examples
  • International Standards differences highlighted
  • Gleim Success Tips

Audio Review Downloads

  • Alternative, succinct presentation of Review book outlines
  • Download and transfer to mp3 player and study on the go!

Simulation Wizard

  • Over 330 Task-Based Simulations for AUD, FAR, and REG
  • 20 Written Communication Simulations for BEC
  • Formatting and functionality emulate the actual exam
  • Thorough answer explanations

Exam Rehearsals

  • Full-length, timed practice exams
  • Perfect for Final Review of material

Gleim Personal Counselor

  • With you every step of the way – Best customer service in the industry! Available by phone and email.
  • Able to give expert advice on test taking, including the exam process, how much study time you need, and which parts to take first.
  • Eager to work with you to create a personalized study plan based on your specific situation and goals.
  • Provides encouragement, instills confidence, and ensures your success.

Learn How to Study with the Gleim CPA Review System.


Below are two testimonials on the Gleim CPA Review System from customers like you.

October, 2011
I debated whether I could complete the CPA 14 years after college, but Gleim gave me everything I needed at a level I could understand. As someone working full time it was intimidating to try and figure out how to prepare, but by following the Gleim study plan and then doing some review after I was done I was able to pass all the exams the first time with much higher scores than I ever could have guessed. I finished all 4 exams in 6 months start to finish with an average score of 90. If you are hesitating because you have been out of school for a while, hesitate no more. With Gleim you absolutely can pass, with flying colors!
Courtney M.

May, 2011
I am overly thrilled with the results I received from using the Gleim CPA Review System. Some of my graduate courses used the Gleim books as our class materials and I was so pleased with how it prepared me for my classes that I chose the system for my review for the CPA exam. I passed all 4 sections within the first 18 month window. The system is so comprehensive and versatile that I believe anyone could succeed if you follow the complete review system. I have friends that have used other review providers and I passed the exam more quickly and with higher results than most of them.
Clair Jenkins, CPA

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Product Features:
  • Audiovisual presentations for an overview of each study unit
  • Outline material to provide you with the information you need to pass the exam
  • Test Prep and Exam Rehearsals that emulate the actual CPA Exam
  • Detailed performance analysis to analyze your weak areas
  • Questions with detailed explanations for both correct and incorrect answers

After using the Gleim CPA Review System, you will outperform your peers and PASS the exam.

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