Contact Us : 800.874.5346 | International: +1 352.375.0772
Contact Us : 800.874.5346 | International: +1 352.375.0772

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Please read the program overview page, look over the tasks, and watch the introductory video before reaching out to the coordinator. Check the FAQ below for questions that may have already been answered.


How long is my term for the Campus Rep program?

You are expected to be a Campus Rep for one year (2 semesters).

How many students can serve as Campus Rep at a time?

Multiple students per school can serve as a Campus Rep during the semester. Each student acting as an ambassador serves as an ambassador representing Gleim and is eligible to receive the benefits of the program.

How do I earn points to receive my free Gleim course materials?

You must complete 100 points to finish the program and receive one Gleim Premium Review System of your choice (CPA, CMA, CIA, or EA). The points are divided into Mandatory and Elective tasks, which can be found on the tasks page.

Do I need to complete all the mandatory tasks?

Yes, the mandatory tasks are required in order for you to complete the program and receive your review system. Many of the tasks can be completed virtually, as well as in person. If you have concerns about not being able to complete a mandatory task, please reach out to the coordinator as soon as possible to help you find a solution to completing a task.

If my classes are online, how do I complete the tasks that are in person?

Many of the tasks can be done virtually and in person. There are links and PDF resources that can be sent to your professors and peers instead of handing them out in person. Additionally, many of the tasks, including presentations and Focus Groups, can be hosted online via Zoom or pre-recorded to share with your classes and accounting clubs. Please review each task description to see the details of how to complete the tasks online.

When will I receive my Campus Rep materials?

You will receive your marketing materials box after you complete your initial tasks at the start of the program. You are required to sign the Campus Rep Agreement Form and submit the Introduction Survey before you receive your box. After those items are received, the coordinator will send your shipping request. It typically takes 1-2 weeks to receive your materials. Be sure to include your apartment number if you have one. No PO boxes are allowed.

How can I recruit a successor if my classes are online?

You may reach out to your accounting professors to receive a recommendation on which student would be a good fit to be your successor. Professors usually have students who they are more than happy to recommend to the program. Please make sure to let them know that the student will receive a free Gleim review system at the end of the program. You may also ask your accounting club officers if they have members who they may recommend. Remember, the students do not need to guarantee they will become your successor, as long as they show interest in learning more about the program. You must have the student’s permission for the coordinator to contact them by email.

Can I recruit students from other schools? What are the requirements?

We are always looking to expand our program, so we encourage you to recruit a successor or students from another school. This counts as an elective task worth 20 points.

The requirements are the same:

  1. The student must be an accounting major.
  2. The student must be in their junior or senior undergraduate year or in the master’s program.

Do I have to sell Gleim materials, and is there a quota I must meet?

The Campus Rep position is not a sales position, so you are not expected to sell anything. However, students and professors will come to you as a Gleim resource and may want to purchase Gleim materials. If they use you as a referral, they receive a discount on top of their student discount. You will earn elective task points from the referral. Each type of purchase is equal to a different set of points. You may view the points on the Elective tasks page

Can I purchase my materials before I complete the program? Do I receive a discount or reimbursement?

Yes, if you are ready to study or need the materials for class, you may purchase your materials out of pocket before you finish the program. You will receive the 20% student discount and will be reimbursed for the price you pay when you complete the program. Remember, you can earn one part or section after you complete 25 points. However, you won’t receive the full review system until you complete the 100 points, unless you opt to purchase out of pocket.

My professor is interested in using Gleim materials in their classroom. How much does it cost for them to purchase?

There is no cost for professors to use Gleim materials in the classroom. Professors may start receiving free desk copies of Gleim books by submitting the Free Desk Copy form found here. They may receive free desk copies for CPA, CMA, CIA, and EA. If they would like to proceed with using the materials in class, our Professor Relations Coordinators will assist them. They can be reached at or by phone at 800.874.5346, ext. 658, Mon-Fri, 9AM-6PM EST. You may also reach out to the coordinator who can help you connect with the Professor Relations Coordinator at your school.

Contact your Gleim Campus Rep Coordinator

If you still have questions, please reach out to the coordinator. You may also submit the form below to send a message.