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Contact Us : 800.874.5346 | International: +1 352.375.0772

Welcome to the Gleim Campus Rep program!

Congratulations on taking the next step toward certification and career success! As a Campus Rep, you will develop valuable personal and professional skills, including public speaking, time management, and confidence, that will serve you throughout your accounting career. This program will give you the opportunity to network with students and professors, build your resume, and get insight into which accounting career path is right for you.

During the program, you will learn valuable information about the major certification exams that will benefit both you and your peers. As a Gleim Campus Rep, you will be expected to act as an ambassador for Gleim at your college, and also have the opportunity to represent Gleim at career and accounting events, conferences, Meet the Firm events, as well as inform other college students and professors outside of your school. Without interfering with your schoolwork, you will help us promote our materials to your peers, both around your campus and online.


Build and enhance your resume


Network with peers, professors, and professionals


Make you an expert on the exam you will need to pass


Develop your personal and professional skills, including leadership and public speaking

Campus Rep Program Overview

Earning Your Review Materials

Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive a Gleim Premium Review System for the certification of your choice. Students eager to start studying and sitting for their exam are eligible to receive one part or section of their chosen review system after earning 25 points. However, the full system is not available until the program is complete.

Earning Points

You will earn your study materials by completing tasks, which are built into a point system. Each task is worth a specified number of points. Your goal is to complete all mandatory tasks and accumulate 100 total points to complete the program.

Completing Tasks

All fall into one of two categories: Mandatory or Elective.

  • Mandatory tasks must be completed to fulfill the program.
  • Elective tasks can be completed in any combination to earn your remaining points.

To receive points for completing your tasks, submit the relevant information for each task in the Campus Rep Resource Hub after you complete it. We recommend Reps aim to gather 50 points each semester and complete the program in one year.

Tracking Your Progress

At your monthly check-in, your Coordinator will discuss your progress and review any tasks you’ve submitted since your last check-in. If you want to track your points between check-ins, you’re encouraged but not required to use the provided template.

Starting Out

The first step is to get more familiar with the Campus Rep Resource Center, where you’ll find everything you will need during your time as a Campus Rep. Go to the Tasks and, in the New Reps section, start with the Scavenger Hunt. It will help you get acclimated to where things are.

Then you must sign and submit the Campus Rep Agreement Form and the Name & Likeness Agreement Form. You will also need to complete the Introduction Survey task. Your Welcome Box, which contains materials that will help you complete the program and some Gleim swag, will typically ship within 1-2 weeks of you submitting those onboarding tasks.


If you would like to start studying for your certification exam before you finish the program, you have the option to pay for the full review system out of pocket with a 20% student discount. After you complete your full 100 points, we will reimburse you.

Thank You, Campus Reps!

In 2021, Gleim earned the Gold Stevie Award for Customer Service Department of the Year. Without the help of Campus Reps like you at schools across the country, we wouldn’t have earned this prestigious award. Your help extends our excellent customer service to students we may not otherwise reach.

Thank you for all your efforts, Gleim Reps!