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Contact Us : 800.874.5346 | International: +1 352.375.0772

Focus Group

Task Type: Elective | Points Value: 15


During the Focus Group, you will guide a small group of students (5-10 students) through creating a Gleim account and demoing the CPA Premium Review Course. This can be held online via a Zoom meeting or in person on campus. You will have access to a flier on which you can enter your Focus Group’s information and send out. If you are conducting an online Focus Group, you can send the flier via email.

At the end of each group, the participants are required to complete an Evaluation Form. At this point, you should be able to answer questions and discuss the resources available to Gleim candidates. Any information not covered by the Demo Video (task) can be found in your exam guide. At the end of your Focus Group, you will fill out the Meeting Report and then send a scan of all documents to the Campus Rep Coordinator.

You will be provided with Gleim connection cards to hand out during the Focus Group meeting. These cards will be a means for you to hold a raffle. If you are presenting virtually, let students know they can email you to say they’re interested in entering the raffle. Forward the contacts to the Campus Rep Coordinator. This enables your Campus Rep Coordinator to select one winner and send them a prize (typically a Gleim shirt or a mug).

Each student who attends the Focus Group will be offered one free EQE online test bank of their choice. The Campus Rep can send in the sign-in sheet with the students’ info, or they can forward each student’s name and email address to the Coordinator, if the students give permission.

    Attach your Sign-In Sheet

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