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Exit Interview Video for Promotional Use

Task Type: Elective | Points Value: 5 points


Similar to the regular exit interview video, this video should be completed near the end of your tenure. The video should contain audio and be a minimum of 3 minutes but not exceed 8 minutes. Many students choose to record their video like a Vlog. You can be as creative as you like, as long as you are talking about the program throughout the video. Share your experience during the program and give some feedback on how the program benefits your personal and professional development. This video is intended to release on the Gleim website and social platforms, so you should speak to the viewers as if they are not familiar with the program. Refer to the video guide to help you make the best video possible.

Examples of Exit Interview Videos

Brandi Perez
Angie Wong
Jeanette Elia

How to film a good video guide

    Attach Exit Interview Video file below or provide a link to your video.