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CMA Candidate Spotlight: Carla Legaspi–ICMA Silver Medal Winner

CMA Candidate Spotlight: Carla Legaspi – ICMA Silver Medal Winner

The CMA certification opens the door to new career opportunities and increases an individual’s visibility in the workforce. Carla Legaspi, a 2017 ICMA Silver Medal Award Winner, saw the value of the CMA when trying to maximize her earning potential. She chose Gleim to help her pass the CMA exam, and she not only passed, she achieved the Silver Medal award. For those unfamiliar with the honor, The ICMA Silver Medal is awarded to the individual(s) who took both parts of the CMA exam in English during a given testing window and achieved the second-highest score.

Why take the CMA exam?

The CMA designation is regarded as one of the highest professional certifications in the accounting world, and it is growing fast. Carla knew it was time to take the next step in her career and chose to study for the exam with Gleim:

“I was in the stage of my career here in Papua New Guinea where I started to ask myself, ‘how do I stay relevant with my career in the company?’ I realized I wanted to be better, I wanted to give more. I came across the CMA exam about two years ago, set it aside due to some personal reasons, but eventually made my way back to it when I realized this could help me strengthen my knowledge in management accounting.”

Studying for the CMA exam around her busy schedule

Finding time to study for the exam can be difficult. Carla knew the CMA exam was no easy feat and made it a point to wake up early to study:

“The most challenging part of reviewing for the exams is how to fit it into my schedule. I’m currently working as a management accountant, and had no time to take days off to review as I needed to earn as well. It’s difficult to make time for studies while I’m busy doing reports, budgets, etc. Nevertheless, I pushed myself by studying early morning from 4am to 6am and from 10pm to 12am. It’s really a sacrifice and bunch of effort to make it to the finish line with flying colors.”

Setting such an aggressive schedule allowed Carla to take both parts of the exam in one testing window, which is a requirement to receive the ICMA Silver Award. Carla is an example of how dedicated professionals can devote themselves to getting both parts done quickly, reducing the time needed to fit studying into their already busy schedules. Studying doesn’t have to be such a drag either, and even Carla found herself enjoying her resources:

“I also had fun with the audio materials as I keep on listening to the audio lectures when I’m driving or even when I’m resting. It’s really fun and enjoyable to have all these sorts of materials available all in one place.”

What made her choose Gleim CMA?

Carla liked the exam-emulating feel of the Gleim materials and states:

“My most favourite features of the review system is the Test Preparation where it gives you the actual ‘feel’ of the exam. It prepared me really quite well. I also loved the video lectures – they are very helpful.”

Carla felt that the test prep was the most useful tool in helping her achieve a high score, and tells us:

“Actually, if I’m to assess, the Gleim exam prep questions are more difficult than what I had during the exam. With the consistent practice and reading of materials, it really helped me prepare for the actual exams. It made it a lot more easier as I go through each of the questions of the exams.”

Advice for CMA candidates

We all know the old adage “practice makes perfect.” Practicing multiple-choice questions over and over again lead to perfection, in Carla’s case. When asked for tips on how future exam candidates can benefit from using Gleim, the Silver Medal winner answered:

“Taking advantage of the big test bank is one. Plus making use of the resources like the video lectures, outlines and core concepts are very helpful tools. I have actually encouraged my friends to take the exam and like me choose Gleim.”

How does an award winner celebrate such an accomplishment?

Carla celebrated by eating out with her family and traveling with her brothers to Disneyland in Hong Kong. How will you celebrate when you pass the CMA exam with Gleim?

Check out our Free CMA Exam Questions page where you can experience first-hand what Carla liked about our test bank of questions and get a sample of how you will be tested on the actual CMA Exam.

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