My Struggles Studying for the CMA Exam

man climbing the mountain of CMA studying struggles

Meet Allison Daniel, our CMA guest blogger!

Allison Daniel currently holds the position of Senior GL Accountant at International Pipe & Supply, LLC located in Oklahoma City, OK. International Pipe is a steel pipe distributor and also offers a wide variety of pipe services. Allison enjoys photography, anything outdoors, and being a mom.

Week 3: Common Struggles When Studying for the CMA Exam

Managing Time

I have now been studying for the CMA for a few weeks, and I am still only on Study Unit 2. My biggest struggle has been with time management. I set up a schedule online, but since life gets in the way, I don’t always stick to that schedule. I tried to compensate on the weekends and put in a lot of hours of studying to make up for hours lost during the week, but my weekends sometimes were busier that my weekdays.

Learning How to Study

My second biggest struggle is studying properly. It has been almost 10 years since I have been out of college, and I’m trying to remember proper study techniques. In Study Unit 1, I followed the study guide that Gleim has set up, which is good, but I took too long with the study unit and forgot much of what I had studied. I believe making better notecards going forward will be key to studying efficiently.

These extended breaks between study sessions make it difficult for me to apply what I have learned. There are several “theories” or “rules” that can be applied in accounting. Memorizing and understanding them is key to being able to apply those concepts to different types of multiple-choice questions. It also makes it difficult to be detailed enough in my responses to the essay questions when I only remember the surface of material I studied two weeks ago.

A tip for the essays: while grading, I’ve noticed that the more information you put down, the better your answer will be scored, as long as the information you put down is pertinent to the question.

Staying Motivated

Finally, I have struggled to stay motivated. Remembering the reward at the end is my motivation to keep on studying. There are days when I get home from a long day of work and the last thing I want to do is study, but reminding myself why I am doing this keeps me moving forward. I know in the end, all of the sacrifices of time I am making now will pay off.

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